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PERTH (Australia)

Perth, the isolated city of Western Australia is a flourishing metropolis, where you can find a subtle blend of urban cool with natural beauty. Known as the ‘sunniest capital’ there are plenty of place to enjoy the warm weather, from parks to rivers to the beaches which outline the suburbs.

Where the Swan River meets the South West coast, you can immerse yourself in the grounds of Kings Park. Cottesloe Beach is a fabulous destination for snorkelling, diving and catching those sun rays. Spend an evening at the Twilight Hawkers Market to get an idea of why Perth has also been coined the ‘City of Light’.

Did you know


Perth (WA’s capital) is the most isolated city in the world, with its closest city being Adelaide and that’s over 2,200 km away. Perth is closer to Singapore and Jakarta than it is to Canberra. We repeat, it is closer to a foreign country than it is to its national capital!!