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One Therapy London

Online therapy and counselling services provided in English via Skype by a team of qualified, experienced counsellors and psychotherapists based in central London.

Online counselling provides a valuable alternative to face-to-face therapy for English-speaking people living abroad. Our therapists are members of professional regulating bodies in the UK and have many years’ experience in providing personal therapy online. Over the years our online counselling services have helped clients with stress and anxiety problems, depression, relationship issues, career- and work-related problems, bereavement, problems coping with difficult transitions or international moves, difficulties adapting to a new or different culture, loneliness, self-confidence issues, family issues, sexuality issues and many others. Online technologies like Skype have now made counselling and psychotherapy accessible to everyone.

Your initial consultation will help identify your personal needs in therapy and, where necessary, which of our therapists will be the best match for your requirements. Ongoing online counselling sessions are held weekly, by appointment. Our therapists conduct online appointments from a private, secure room, maintaining the same standards of privacy and confidentiality as in personal face-to-face therapy. For successful online counselling a reliable internet connection is needed, as well as a private, quiet room from which to meet with your therapist online. Payments for Skype counselling can be made by credit or debit card or by bank transfer.

Please note, for practical reasons, we do not provide couples counselling online.


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