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McEvoy - Classic Car & Bike Service

Geoffrey McEvoy is there to fulfill all your needs related to classic cars and bikes. From brokering to servicing, fettling and upgrading, all from the comfort of your own home! Automotive artwork and bespoke motorcycle builds are now also available.

Geoffrey McEvoy can search, find and negotiate a classic car or bike for you to enjoy, in the same way that an estate agent finds the perfect home to suit your needs.

This also applies if you are looking into the purchase of a daily commuter, new or used.

How does it work?

We sit down and have a chat about your requirements, and I take care of the rest. It’s as simple as that!

Once your specifications have been defined, I set out to find the car or bike that best suits your needs. I narrow it down to two or three propositions out of the thousands that are out there, on the market.

After receiving your approval, an appointment is made with the dealer (or private seller) in order to take a first look at your potential acquisition. Of course, you are free to come along if you wish. In case of a classic or used car, I will tickle its underside and go through the service history, until it reveals all its secrets. You will then receive a written report, so that you know exactly what you are in for.

No more dreadful surprises, nor wasting your precious time and hard earned cash.

All the tedious and boring formalities will also be taken care of for you, so that you can focus on enjoying your acquisition upon delivery.

Classic car servicing:

From the comfort of your own home, I am able to service and maintain your pride and joy. My mobile workshop contains all that is needed for me to do so, wherever you may be.

In case some more extensive or heavy work is needed, I can work on your car from the comfort of my own secure and fully equipped garage.

I focus on providing what’s best for your ride, and that is why I invest heavily in the correct technical data and specialist tooling. This helps me to establish factory tolerances, as they were intended by engineers who carefully conceived your two or four-wheeled friend.

Automotive detailing:

If your car has lost its shine, I can most probably revive it by providing a high-profile detailing session. It all starts by decontaminating the surface, followed by a three-stage polish, ending with a careful hand wax. Engine bay and interior are not forgotten, of course. Say goodbye to a dull car, and enjoy this rejuvenation that will make you believe that you just bought a new one!

Bespoke motorcycle builds:

We have a century-old tradition of motoring, running in the McEvoy family. My Great Grand Uncle, Michael McEvoy, was known for breaking records with his own motorcycle builds in the late twenties.

I too, live up to this tradition by building bespoke motorcycles. They can be either fully restored to the exact period specifications, or a one-off build to your exact specifications.

You can either choose to revamp your current ride, or find one in need of some tender loving care, giving it some tasty mods in the process. Anything is possible, quite literally!

Automotive artwork:

I also enjoy transforming used car parts into something that everybody can enjoy, usually with a purpose. It can be a useful Jaguar V12 coffee table, a set of leather car seats made into comfy lounge furniture, or even polished cylinder heads turned into desk lamps… Creativity has no limits, and I will be glad to hear about your wildest dreams, so I can make them come true.


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