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Building and Renovations in Brazil

Before beginning a construction project, local law requires that specific guidelines are followed.

Building projects may fall under one of the following construction classifications for which permits can be granted by the City: New construction, Refurbishment, Reconstruction, Regularization, Small Refurbishment, Land Use Altering and Modification Project. For each of these applications, a different set of documents must be submitted. Some of the most common are:

  • Property ownership documents
  • Graphic material
  • Areas chart
  • Documents of the professional responsible for the project and/or construction
  • City tax payment receipts
  • Proof of the Fire Department inspection (depending on the activity)

Two types of permit can be delivered:

  1. Alvará de Aprovação (Approval Permit): approves the project, but doesn’t allow construction to start.
  2. Alvará de Execução (Construction Permit): allows construction to start immediately.

These permits may be requested separately or at the same time.

After construction is complete, a Completion Certificate (Certificado de Conclusão – Habite-se) must be requested - without this, the building will not be considered legalized by the Town Hall.