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Just 50 decades ago, Shenzhen (深圳) was a small village of fishermen. Nowadays, this industrialised city located at the Southeastern part of China is one of the main pillars of Chinese economy and it is known for being the electronics manufacturing hub of China and for its hi-tech companies. Although Shenzhen has a lack of traditional buildings and ancient Chinese architecture, this city is ready to reward you with newly built skyscrapers (such Ping An Financial Center which is the second-tallest building in China), districts filled by art shops, glamorous cocktail bars, theme parks and flavoursome Cantonese cuisine.

Shenzhen is also well- known for its shopping malls and SPA massages, and you can escape the buzz of the city and enjoy a relaxing day at one of its beaches just 30-45 minutes away from the hassle. Because of the short age of this “newly” emerged metropolis, the people who form Shenzhen are mainly migrants from other provinces of China eager to enter the job market, so they are mostly open-minded youngsters ready to welcome and to be welcomed.

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More than half of Shenzhen’s population is under 30 and mostly female.