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Cyprus landscapes will soon catapult you in an ancient myth filled with splendid beaches and monuments of the past. Well-known as a tourist destination, the country has much to offer in terms of business and economic appeal. The Republic of Cyprus is partitioned into 2 areas: the southern and western part forms the Republic, occupying more than a half of the territory, whereas the other half is administered by the Turkish authorities: the topic is controversial as the Turkish occupancy is seen as illegal by international authorities.

What stands out of this country is the sense hospitality of its people, both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. These two ethnicities are very different and very close at the same time. Family life, centennial history and food are reflected in a culture that has much to offer.

Did you know


Cyprus is known as the playground of the Gods Also, Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love) is said to be born in Cyprus.