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Pet Threats

The island is free from all serious contagious animal diseases.

Be aware that the summer heat can be a danger to some dogs.

There is a danger of chemical poisoning, especially near farmland, to dogs that tend to scavenge. Poisons may include carbamate pesticides Lanate (Lannate) and Nudrin (Methomyl), which can be highly toxic to a dog. If it is suspected an animal has ingested poison seek immediate help from a vet.

There are three types of venomous snakes found in the wild in Cyprus, the most dangerous being the Vipera lebetina or Blunt Nosed Viper. It is a fat, front-fanged snake, identifiable by the "blunt nose" and dull grey/brownish shade. It typically reaches 130 cm in length and is most commonly found near streams and in shaded areas under rocks or shrubs. All snakes are most active during the summer. If a pet receives a snakebite seek immediate help from a veterinarian.