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Smalto Dental Implant Clinic

Located in Nicosia,Smalto dentist team (English, German and Spanish speaking) specialises in dental implants, prosthodontics, oral surgery, cosmetic, orthodontic, family dentistry. Emergency service, same day appointment, full mouth dental restoration.

Smalto Clinic, was established in 2008, as a continuation of the Dental Office of Dr Vasilis Vasiloudes, who has been practicing dentistry for the last 25 years. In its newly designed offices, a lively spirited team of young dentists with excellent qualifications make you feel at ease in a fresh and unique environment. We focus on giving the patient all available options of modern dentistry, ensuring evidence-based dentistry, clinically proven methods using the latest technological advancements. Working as a team guarantees full coverage of the patients’ needs. In this way, we can provide optimum planning and implementation of the ideal dental treatment.

At Smalto Clinic we give the patient all available treatment options so that he/she can make informed decisions. After a thorough examination of the patient and assessment of his/her needs we can reach the appropriate treatment plan and deliver the best care possible. 

We make dental work feel like art, as we believe that by skillful transformation of dental materials we can reach a state of ART! We have created a pleasant environment and strive to achieve painless, high quality dentistry, quickly and efficiently.

Smalto dental clinic covers all  fields of modern Dentistry.

General Dentistry Dental Implants Prosthetic Dentistry Periodontology Cosmetic Dentistry Tooth whitening Pediatric Dentistry Orthodontics – Aesthetic Techniques Invisalign Incognito Braces Oral Surgery Digital Panoramic X-ray

Please feel free to call us and book a complimentary consultation appointment.

We guarantee same day appointment/treatment.

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