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C3A Cyprus 3rd Age: Limassol Branch (Affiliated to U3A in UK)

C3A Limassol  offer an exciting and unique introduction into new hobbies, and lifestyle and along the way meet new friends from all walks of life. For more information please click on the title or visit our website.


So you have finally reached that stage in your life with your well earned retirement.   Now, you are probably wondering just how you are going to fill your free time.   Usually the first thing that comes to mind is to tackle all those niggling jobs in and around your home.  After a month or two all the jobs are completed and you are now wondering, what can I do next?

Well, you could join the Cyprus Third Age (C3A), but exactly what is the C3A?   The C3A is a way of discovering a completely new way of life providing you with the opportunity to make new friends, participate in the numerous special interest groups, and learn new skills and really start enjoying that well deserved retirement.   The Cyprus C3A is affiliated to the world wide University of the Third Age (U3A) organisation specifically set up to keep those who are no longer in full time employment, mentally, socially and physically active.   It all started in France in 1973 and since then has spread to more than 30 countries around the globe with membership in excess of a quarter of a million.   

One of the good things about joining the C3A is that you can join in one or more of the special interest groups meetings, up to three times and, if in the unlikely event that you find C3A is not for you, then you can withdraw; ‘a try before you buy policy’.   If you find, as I sure you will, that C3A is just what you have been after, then you can join for a modest annual fee of only 10 euros.   This annual 10 euro fee gives you access to as many of the special interest groups that you wish to become involved with.   Should an outing be organised or a visit and you choose to come along, you would, in such a case, be expected to contribute towards the cost of transport and incidental expenses such as entrance fees, theatre tickets, etc.

There are numerous activities to explore that you can become involved with.   These activities you can learn more about on the C3A Limassol Branch Website.   They are as diverse as, learning Greek, ‘Enquiring’ Minds, Geology, History, Art, Photography and Mediterranean Gardening.   Meetings of the special interest groups is usually once a month but some, like our photography and Greek language groups, meet more frequently.   

The website has numerous links to the activity groups which will assist you in obtaining further detailed information about each group.   It may be that you personally are particularly skilled in an area not included on the activity list and, if you are willing, you could even start your own Special Interest Group and pass on the skill and knowledge that you have.   You could also request that a particular speciality group, that is not listed, is formed.

The C3A really is a most welcoming and friendly affair.   Its members assist one another to develop their knowledge, skills and experience by sharing their own learning and experiences,   Once a month the Limassol Branch holds social evenings and this is an ideal opportunity to meet other members of C3A who, perhaps, are not part of the group you joined and conversations with them, over a beer, cup of coffee or a glass of wine help to not only further broaden your horizons, but make new friends.

Although we are English speaking, we have many members who are, Cypriot, Greek, German, Austrian, Russian, and of course, English. 

So, there you have it.   Don’t sit around at home doing nothing.   Get out.   Join the C3A and start enjoying life to full.   You will always have the full support from those many members who are already a part of C3A and who are really enjoying their life to the full.   Do not waste an ideal opportunity!    Visit the C3A website: http://c3a-cyprus.org/limassol/.


2 years ago