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Go Positive Cyprus!

A Not For Profit campaign. Send positive messages about Cyprus to everyone abroad & counter recent bad press. The sun shines, we trade, life goes on. Send, Share and Forward Positive messages-imagine the good we can do! Go Positive Cyprus!

Having seen negative reports in the worldwide press about Cyprus and our situation here, we wanted to do something to remind everyone the world over that Cyprus is still standing. Our financial system, though tattered, is still functioning. We can operate, tourists need have no fear, they can use their cards as normal at ATM’s and at restaurants, bars etc.
Furthermore, the sun still shines, the beaches are delightful, our forests are lush, our antiquities and history remain the envy of the world – wine was born here, the first representation of man in sculpted form was made here. The hospitality, strength, generosity of spirit and nobility of the Cypriot people remain today as they always were.
So we launched the Go Positive Cyprus! Campaign to let the world know. There are nearly 1 million of us here in Cyprus. If each of us were to contact friends, family, colleagues, trading partners and everyone else we know - everywhere in the world – just think of the reach we might have. Just think of what we might do for Cyprus, whether our home, or our adopted home. So our question is this;
Will you reach out and tell the world that life in Cyprus goes on as normal?
That Cyprus is a great place to visit and a wonderful holiday destination?
That the people are hospitable and look forward to your visit?
That Cyprus is safe?
That we are still trading and trade with Cyprus goes on?
That there are still great business opportunities in Cyprus?
That our crime levels are very low compared to other EU countries?
Send your message to everyone you can, and when you have sent it, copy and paste it onto the Go Positive! Cyprus Facebook page and tell everyone here what you have done. Go to Twitter, and tweet everyone you know using the hashtag #gopositivecyprus . Together we can tell the world that Cyprus is whole, Cyprus is strong, and Cyprus looks forward to their visit!
Please help. Please post and pass this on!

Many thanks to Anglo Info for their support with this campaign, we really could not do this without such positive help and encouragement.


You can contact Go Positive Cyprus! by using this button