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Orbit Moving & Storage Ltd.

Relocation services for individuals and corporate clients looking to relocate personnel. Services include family preview trips, home search, school search as well as visa and immigration applications. Community orientation and settling in services are also offered for those who need them, aimed at making the transition to life in Cyprus as smooth as possible.

Whether you are moving or shipping a small box or the contents of an entire house, you must always make sure to start planning.  Preparation is key to a successful move and it certainly helps reduce the stress associated with it.  It does not matter how many times you have moved, you must still start preparing and planning as early as possible.

It is always interesting to see how preparation for a move differs from one culture to another.  Some customers will call us months in advance whilst others will contact us weeks to days before a move date.  You are not helping yourself nor the moving company if you start late.

Our role as an International Relocation company is not just to pack your goods in the most professional way possible.  If you are moving to a country where customs can be complicated, Orbit Moving & Storage will advise you on the customs regulations for that country and make sure we advise you of the steps needed to obtain the right documents.  In some countries, the customs require certified documents from their Embassy in the country you are moving from.  If the Embassy is not available in the origin country, then the documents must be certified by the nearest Consulate or the Embassy in another country.  This takes time and can add to the stress of the move, therefore it is important to start as early as possible.  

Please have this in mind on your next move and don’t forget to call ORBIT MOVING & STORAGE LTD.  

Natasha Tavoukjian



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