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Another import duty question

Posted by mhuntington - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by clydegoogle - 9 years ago

need help too!i would like to buy cars from england!should i be present in england to transfert the car on my name?how much will cost me the shipping?what will be the cost to have it with the cyprus registration plate?about cars that i'm thinking,they are: toyota prius or mini cooper 1.4 or 1.6, suzuki swift.i'm just thinking to bring one of them but would like to the proceedure! NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Posted by dathingfish - 9 years ago


Assuming the PT cruiser is about 4 years old

As its over 1651cc you will pay 3.42 euro per cc

Less 10% discount as its under 200gkm CO2

Less approx 40% for age

The Import duty will be approx 4000 euro !!! then add registration

Whereas a 1600cc car would be less than 500 euro on the same age range so maybe better to change the PT cruiser and get something with a smaller engine

Double Cab pick ups are about 625 euro duty.

Which is why the cars here tend to be small engine or pick-ups ;-)

Hope this helps

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Posted by ScattyAnnie - 9 years ago

Help! Where can I get hold of the Customs Guidelines? I have a Chrysler Cruiser, 2.2 diesel and I really don't want to sell it before I come and live here, plus from what I see you don't get a lot of car for your cash here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanx Anne

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Posted by kciseddoh - 9 years ago

Hi mhuntington,

The answer to your question is no if you are only visiting Cyprus.

But, if you are moving to Cyprus for good, then you should apply to customs for the duty free relief. If you do apply for duty free status, cutoms will extended your 6 months visitors permit since your case is on going.

As dben mention, it's definately worth it ! The prices here is crazy ! I moved here in August and brought with me 2 cars a 2.0 and 2.5 both have now received duty free status.

The process is relatively simple provided you follow the customs guidelines.

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Posted by Stefan.N - 9 years ago

The import duty in my county was removed 3 years after we got in the EU. And not because of the government but because of the people. They just started to sue the government. The duty was based on horsepower of cars, not capacity of the engine like here. At the end the people won, and the duty paid in the period after we got in EU was given back to citizens. The problem is that the Cypriots don't care since the new cars at showrooms are not more expensive that in the other countries, if the duty is removed the island will be filled up with old bangers from the immigrants. There should be a flexible law with relief for new cars and strict to the old bangers.

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Posted by dben - 9 years ago


I brought over a Q7 when I moved here 2 years ago. If you are moving to Cyprus then youwill be exempt from paying duty as long as you pass a few rules. The customsoffice don’t make it easy for you, it took me nearly 8 months and 5 trips to Nicosia, but it’s worth itin the end. The customs saving can be as much as 20k depending on age andvalue.

If you're already living here then I’m almost certain that you will have to paythe duty after the 6 months. I know there is a lot of discussion about the legalityof charging duty on imported cars from an EU country but I haven’t heard anythingconclusive to the contrary. Some people are advising others to not pay it andlet the government sue you.

A lot of government regulations are in flux at the momentdue to them realigning to EU standards but nothing happens quickly and it couldtake years for things to change.

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Posted by raymo - 9 years ago

yes you can bring it to the south of cyprus providing it is taxed insured and mot't in the uk and use it for 6 months

just need to go to customs.

then can register at any time if you decide to stay longerthan 6 months .

I dont know this vehicle but if its a large cc over about 2.2 litre then dont bother it would cost a small fortune to register.

you could have problems if you arrive in the north and drive through to the south they dont like it

I have imported two cars from the uk and not had any problems.

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Posted by andreasth - 9 years ago

i think you are allowed to have any car from other country for 6 months only