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Being charged a full years tax for 3 months worth!

Posted by stevieknight - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by timg-681445 - 9 years ago


We brought a LandRover discovery to Cyprus 2 half years ago and they calculated our road tax from expiry of the UK tax disc, we had not kept the old UK tax disc so they assessed the charge from the day our vehicle arrived and said that as long as we presented proof of valid road tax they would make a refund. We contacted DVLA paid a small fee I think £5 for the information to be posted (to a UK address) which our daughter posted on. The Ministry of Transport did refund - not in full mind! just a cheque with no explanation. We dealt with this problem with the 'boss' on the first floor , first right and the office to the left at the end of the corridor, we had to fax and write several letters and numerous visits to resolve this.

Was your road tax valid when your vehicle arrived? assuming you had it taxed in UK it might be worth going back to see the 'boss' and if you have the tax disc argue the point, if not as I said dvla will provide the information you need.

Hope it helps - or have the rules changed again!

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Posted by jeannie-677960 - 9 years ago

Apologies if I have given wrong information - we were obviously mis-informed too. We were also told we had to register the car within 3 months of arrival. It seems as if the rules change depending on which department you speak to. We did go to Larnaca to register our car but after being re-directed to a different place 5 times we eventually returned home and let a local agent do it for us!

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 9 years ago

i think there is a lot of misunderstanding here ? . one does not have to reg the car as soon as it arrives on the island , i waited last year 2008 to reg the car in 2009 .there is also changes in the pipeline for duty which has to be paid end of this year . if the vehicle still has uk no plates it can be taxed again ( which might be cheaper ) and surrended when it seems fit for refund & sorn .a cyprus mot can be done with uk plates as well .

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Posted by jeannie-677960 - 9 years ago

Just found this link - you didn't say what car you had so hope this will help:-


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Posted by jeannie-677960 - 9 years ago

You say that your UK tax runs out at the end of this month but you are in Cyprus now and your UK tax has no relevance once your car left the UK.  You could have claimed the unused months back from the UK if you had done it straightaway but it is too late now. You will be taxed here from the day your car arrived here and if, as journo suggested, your car was imported before the 1st July then you will be charged a full years tax. Ask them to clarify how the 580 is made up so you will at least know for next year.

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

Perhaps the request for a full year's Road Tax was based on paperwork indicating the car was imported before July?

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Posted by dw1948 - 9 years ago

you will find the 580euro is not a full pyment in road tax, you also have to pay for the new cyprus registration of your car which makes up part of the 580 euros.

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Posted by stevieknight - 9 years ago

Many thanks again for the info.

No problem then so July till December is fine. They are curently trying to charge me from January, that was my point they are trying to charge me 580 Euro so from January not July So that was a full year they wanted.

Many thanks again.


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Posted by kazanddave - 9 years ago

Unfortunately, as said, January to December, or July to December are the only months that you can pay road tax.
Surely you will only need to pay from July to December, 6 months tax.

You will not be able to wait till Jan 2010 as all road tax is backdated to the time it was last paid.
eg, if anyone buys a 2nd hand car and the road tax had expired Dec 2006, they would have to back pay for the 2007,2008 and 2009. Or in your case back pay to July 2009.

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Posted by Metal-672290 - 9 years ago

Tax Discs go from January-December or July-December, all tax discs on the island for every car expire at the same time which is the end of December. If I bought a brand new car in the middle of december you would still have to pay.