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Bringing a car from greece to cyprus - help

Posted by scotmum - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by reutersward - 9 years ago

I forgot, the actual cost of shipping including everything is around €350-500 depending on the size of the car etc

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Posted by reutersward - 9 years ago

It is easy, and i have done it. Dont forget that you will have to pay around €1000 in fees in Cyprus once you want to put it on local plates (that include roadtax etc) if the car is to be imported dutyfree also bring proof that you lived outside cyprus the last 12 months.

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Posted by No longer Online - 9 years ago

Salamis shipping ( Cyprus) does this. They sail daily from Pireaus Docks which is the port for Athens. The procedure is relatively easy once you know how. Contact Salamis and book passage. Establish which dock it is leaving from. Pireaus docks are huge so it is best to find the correct dock early. Drive to the ship and contact the foreman on board who will look after everything else. You have to pay customs fee of 100 + euros but this is receipted and again, the Salamis rep will show you how to go on. Whatever you do, do not engage the customs officials at the various nearby offices as they do not wish to know and it may lead to you paying considerably more or being delayed. The ship takes three days approx to get to Limassol docks where you have to go through the on site customs clearance process. I would recommend paying the 100 or 120 euro fee to any agent who can be found at the customs offices, to help you clear the car through. Although it is additional cost, the reduction in hassle is worth it and will ensure your car gets priority in the the unloading. I did this two years ago. By the way, when you drop the car off, you will find bus stops outside the docks which will take you back the Athens City. I found the lady at Salamis most helpful. Good luck. ps. Have your vehicle docs, insurance and passport with you for every part of the transaction.