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Bringing car from UK to Cyprus

Posted by CT-689244 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by maggiemou - 8 years ago

Hello, Baxi thank you for your replies to my questions. Maggiemou.

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Posted by Toni-680775 - 8 years ago

We travelled by Grimaldi lines with both our cars, a trip, which was two weeks of idle bliss, with shore visits to various ports of call, which I would highly recommend, however getting the cars out of the port was traumatic, cost us over 600 Euros cash, and was not a good way to be welcomed to our new home. The customs office closed at 1300 for the day (!!) and we did not dock till 1500 so had to pay the agent and the custom staff overtime. Unfortunately we did not have the will to challenge this as they made us wait in the heat of the sun till 2000 to get all the paper work etc. done. For warmed is fore armed as they say

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 8 years ago

figure is based on what i paid for my suzuki 1000 cc car , if one is prepared to go the extra mile taking the vehicle to to the docks themselves , grimaldi shipping will ship the car to limassol for approx £400 depending on the size .

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Posted by maggiemou - 8 years ago

Hi Baxi Sorry meant to ask you did you get the figures for the Corsa 1000cc from the gov web site? I treid to use the web site myself but had problems. If this is the right price I am more than happy but don't want to get stung at the last hurdle. Maggiemou.

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Posted by maggiemou - 8 years ago

Baxi ,

Thank you for your reply. Just need to get it here now. Looking for someone to ship it. The car is in Yorkshire at the moment. Need to find a good shipping person. Any ideas anyone? Thanks Maggiemou.

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 8 years ago

for the corsa with a 1000cc engine , should not be more than 140 e customs duty , plus 35 e for mot and 20 e for no plates .

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Posted by maggiemou - 8 years ago

I have been on the Gov web site to try to calculate duty on a car my husband is thinking of bringing out from the Uk. It is a 2004 vauxhall Corsa with a 1000cc engine. I could not get the web side to work properly , so does anyone know how much it may cost my husabnd if he decides to do this? We could use the car as a second runabout. My husband is retiring out in Cyprus and will become resident.

On another point my friend has brought into Cyprus a car in a few weeks ago, with an 1800 engine. She did not want to be resident as she lives less than half the year in the Cyprus. To save the duty she is taking up residency even though she doesn't want to be a resident. She was told by customs in Nicosia that duty had to be paid. She said she thought that being in the EU freedom of traffic etc. applied. The guy said that Cyprus along with six other countries has opted out on this and could still charge and would be doing so for a further two years.

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Posted by pauwin - 8 years ago

Hi, You can bring your car in Duty Free but have to retain UK plates.

This assumes the car will eventually go back to UK.

You will be unable to sell the car whilst Duty Free.

It really restricts your options, if not everyone would do it


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Posted by CT-689244 - 8 years ago

We are loking at transporting our X5 in April, whats the update with import duty, my removal company reckons because we will be resident in Cyprus no duty is paid, does anyone know if we have to have our residents permit first??

We always appreciate the feedback


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Posted by pauwin - 9 years ago

If you use this web site you can calculate the duty you will have to pay.


The factors that will effect you are;

Type of vehicle/engine size/age/emission level.

This is the reason why some cars are so expensive in Cyprus.

Bring a car in under 1600cc and 4 years old the costs are low, bring a 4x4 2.5ltr in and it is very expensive.Double cabs are fine.

The rules and time frames are clear.

Good Luck

Paul Winslow