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Bringing In A Boat

Posted by Derek Jago - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Paul McRae-667770 - 9 years ago

That is true, an RYA level II power boat license is a proper training course however as you say it does cost hundreds of euros, it can be used on british registered boats outside of UK waters with an ICC which the RYA will issue free of charge off the back of the level II. I would recommend doing it here in the warm and the sea temperature of 25 degrees. Remember the only people who can issue you with an RYA certificate are on the RYA website, you do not want to be trained by an ex RYA instructor to 'RYA standards' you want a proper RYA certificate. The RYA level II does not cover 'LL' ie Cypriot registered boats you need to take the Cyprus power boat 'test' and obtain the Cyprus license which costs about 80 odd euro although sometimes you get clobbered for overtime / travelling costs etc and the cost is just over a hundred. It has just literally over the last few months been possible to obtain the Cyprus license off the back of an RYA level II without doing the test but the cost is no cheaper so might as well do the test and save yourself the argument and drive. For the Cyprus test, the examiner will expect you to motor about 50 metres to a buoy and back, THATS IT! Its not the UK where you have to take another boat into tow, slalom, reverse around marks etc!

Even if you have a Cyprus license all the clubs here in Cyprus will expect you to attain a level II or attend the clubs training / seminar evenings to achieve the 'clubs accepted standard' which will include local knowledge and laws which is essential because we have some very dangerous and confusingly lit bits of coastline so you should really do both, its not difficult and gives you the piece of mind.


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Posted by Derek Jago - 9 years ago

I've found that I can get RYA level 2 and ICC here in Limassol for 300 Euros. She said that I would still need a Cypriot licence though! I suppose the same rules apply as when they charge 'duty' on goods that are supposedly free to move in Europe. i.e make it up as it suits.

I think myself and my guests would feel a bit better if I had RYA certification as at least it would mean that I have actually handled a boat before!

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Posted by Derek Jago - 9 years ago

Wow Paul. Thanks for the time and effort it took to write that post. Excellent info for me and anyone else who is interested to follow up on too! I now really wonder if it is worth the effort.

I'm proud of being British, so will have a look into the UK SSR and fly the flag. I'll have to learn lots. As for the trailer taking years to register, I assume it is the DoRT. If I do decide it is worth it, hopefully I'll be able to get someone I know get someone he knows to look into it. You've got to love Cyprus for that eh?

As for parts, I never buy anything here if I can help it. I am fed up with being stolen from and saying "Thank you" when buying stuff! For example, I bought a laser measure recently. £113 in UK. 258 Euros here for a lesser model! I also bought an induction hob. £300.00 in B&Q, 1,000 Euros here for exactly the same one! Saved over 700 Euros in one trip! I wonder if there is enough of us to form a club where we can regularly ship stuff over and share the costs? (But all that is another topic)

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Posted by Paul McRae-667770 - 9 years ago

Hi I have imported several boats, it is not difficult. From the UK end speak to Marios at Pat Freight Limited +44 20 8340 4395 he is the cheapest and best for boats and will only charge you for the space it uses in the container. Also unlike all the other companies there are no hidden surprises! You pay 31 euro this end for clearance and you can collect from AllFright in Limassol 3 weeks later. Not only that but you can load up the empty boat with tons of gear to ship as well!

Now the fun starts. Being a power boat you have to have it registered. you can either operate it on the UK SSR (Small ship register), fly the UK flag and operate it with a UK power boat level II with an ICC issued agaist it OR register it in Cyprus transfer it to a LL number and obtain a Cyprus licence. The UK license is expensive, quite difficult(ish) and in order to get the ICC you have to be a member of the RYA, the Cyprus license requires no skill whatsoever and costs 85 euro. Operating the boat on the UK SSR is substantially cheaper and easier, operating a boat on the Cyprus LL register is more expensive because of the cost of the annual radio license & every few years the circulation license. The choice is yours, you will not be able to operate it without registration or licenses because unlike the UK you will be stopped and the fines are 500 euro a time and it is not classed as a motoring offence, it is heard in the criminal court so that basically means you have to plead guilty!

Registering a trailer is probably the complicated thing one can do in Cyprus, it makes registering home built cars look trivial and Cyprus is no doubt the most complex place in the world to register a trailer! By law ALL trailers have to be registered (even tiny ones) and have a 'CT' plate attached. Its a game! You need a driving license (showing you can tow) and insurance for towing (easy bit). Next you need the original invoice showing proof of EU VAT payment and proof of ownership to yourself and the customs documents specifically showing the trailer as being imported. If either one does not have the serial number showing (which they never do), add at least one month for each and loose a few hairs! If the trailer does not have a serial number (which many dont) give up! Next you need the manufacturers building certificate or a plate on the trailer showing the MAUW and axle weights. Without this you need a engineers inspection certificate (dont ask!). Some guy will then spend half an hour taking all sorts of measurments of the trailer and entering them onto a four part registration document! This process typically takes a few days to a few years on and off to complete, eventually you part with a one off payment fee of 38 euro, pay another 12 euro for a number plate and the trailer will be all legal!

Your best bet is join a club who have many members who are experts in all aspects of these things and get to know other people with speedboats and join them on power boat picnics and adventures. Check out www.pisc.org.cy . Once you have it all sussed it is great fun and there are some lovely deserted coves and areas to stop and have picnics etc. You really need to be in a club because you have to remember there is no '999 coastguard' where 2 minutes later 20 surrounding boats are on their way, a helicopter is scrambled and two lifeboats put out! This is Cyprus, you're on your own mate, you need to make sure all your friends are just a mobile phone call away!

Oh one last thing, fuel filters, oil filters, plugs etc are all easy and cheap to obtain here. Specialised fittings such as cleats, throttle parts, steering parts etc are really expensive so replace all those bit in the UK. Once again you will need to join a club to get the info on where to go for all the parts and bits.

Regards Paul

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Posted by Derek Jago - 9 years ago

Thanks for the link.

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Posted by thebyroms - 9 years ago

there may be some help on the PISC web site or someone there who can help you
( paphos international sailing club) have a look on