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Buying a car, what will it cost me?

Posted by missindependent - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by ilyaUK - 10 years ago


First of all, check this website: http://www.cyprusdriving.net/ It is very helpful!

Regarding the road tax for Peugeot 206 class cars - it is about 80-90 Euro p.a.
Insurance (EU driving licence, 21 y.o.) - there are lots of other issues, which influence on the final cost, but approximately 500-600 Euro p.a. (try GanDirect Insurance! - they might offer something cheaper)

I think you forgot about service costs - again appr. 200 Euro per each 15 000 km (of course, if we are talking about a car in a good condition, not a 20-year old one!)

In my opinion, it is better to buy using private classifieds, not a dealer (Cyprus dealers can overcharge you a lot!). But in this case you should check the car throughout before buying!

Hope it helps!

Best regards,