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Car Dials = MPH to KH and registration help

Posted by stevieknight - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Toni-680775 - 9 years ago

Hi Steve,Where are you located?. Have you actually cleared your car through customs, that is got the customs clearance form, C72A ? (this took us nearly a year to get). If so you will have been sent a letter from customs (the origional and two copies). This needs to be taken to another department at the customs house, we employed a clearing agent for this. They were located in an office in the customs house, The forms you now need to complete are in Greek and quite lenghty (agent fees were about 70 euros ) There is also a fee for clearing depending on the type of car.You will need to have the car MOT'd no matter how old it is. Then to the department of road transport where the car, and documentation is inspected, forms completed, fees paid and a new log book issued, (They retain to UK one). You can then go ahead and get Cypriot plates.We had to go to the Nicosia Customs and Road Transport department so can give directions to you if needed.It is a lenghty process but everyone we dealt with was very helpful and did their best to make sure we understood what was happening. It just takes a long time and a lot of waiting around. Take a book with you and plenty of water!!

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Posted by kitkarman - 9 years ago

Has it not got the kph as well as mph on the speedo thought they had, as long as its shown on speedo it is ok to register it, if its auto with the ecu reading mph it will still change at correct time, might not if just changing speedo to a kph unless of course its done properly.

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

Contact the Hyundai dealers for the dials.