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Car registration question

Posted by allsunny - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by allsunny - 8 years ago

Thank you , Panos, the owner is not in Cyprus anymore, indeed, but we will check if the papers we have are the original registration ones.
Thanks again.

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Posted by panos-693039 - 8 years ago

the owner always must do the transfer...if he is away you will need his original registration paper, his signature and the signatures must be validated by an authorized person (NOT MOUXTARIS) (Μουχταρης is ok when the seller is doing the papers)...

that's what says on the back of the Registration Paper....

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Posted by allsunny - 8 years ago

Thank you very much for your replies, they were very useful.

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Posted by Currylover - 8 years ago

Indeed it is a problem, my friend, in any country should you not register a vehicle in the new owner's name. In fact, it is illegal but hopefully, there should still be no problem.

The procedure in Cyprus for change of ownership is interesting, you WILL need the consent for the local mukhtar who will usually be at his office in the town hall early each morning. Our mukhtar is only available between 8-8.15 am !! Without it, dept. of transport will turn you away. I speak from experience. There is a small charge of say 2 euros for the mukhtar and he will stamp the consent which you then need to take to your local dept. of transport office. Again, get there early as usually they close after 1.pm.

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 8 years ago

i did read on one of these web - sites that a person was taken to court for not changing reg details , he got a stiff fine (900 ) e .