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Do i need a motobike Licence?

Posted by CyprusDL - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by CyprusDL - 9 years ago

Hi Tony,

Many thanks for the reply.I shall go down to the Transport office this week and get a prov licence. I think I may as well then go for my full licence. Do you give lessons here?

Best Wishes


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Posted by TonyG-665110 - 9 years ago

Cyprus DL,

I am a UK registered (DSA) motorcycle instructor and I have researched this very issue. To ride a moped or motorcycle in Cyprus, you must have the proper driving licence. A UK provisional motorcycle licence is not valid here. To ride a 250cc machine, you must first of all apply for a provisonal licence at the Dept of Transport. You then need to learn how to ride it, either teach yourself or take professional lessons. You then take the test and get a full licence. Check out the Cyprus Dept of Transport website http://www.cyprusdriving.net/

Hope this helps


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Posted by CyprusDL - 9 years ago

Many thanks for the reply's

Probably best I pop down and get a provisional to cover me. I'd go and do my full licence but the thought of driving around Limmasol on a bike scares me greatly:) I only really want to use my bike for off road and very local trips to the shop etc!

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Posted by coffeebean-676809 - 9 years ago

i agree with Stefan, i have a motor bike licence for over ten years and also included on it a category b1 which is for small cc cars under a certain weight but if i want to drive in Cyprus i have to apply for a car learner licence which lasts for a year. so why should it be any different with your situation

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Posted by Stefan.N - 9 years ago

Doesn't matter if you have full, half or quarter car driving license...whatever that means. You can drive only a moped (50cc) with your driving licence. For larger bike than that you need A1, A2 or A category, otherwise if the police catch you will have problems!

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Posted by tommek - 9 years ago

im not sure exactly from what amount of HPWR but for big motorbike for sure You have to got driv lic for this. I think power of 250 cc is this (big)one.

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 9 years ago

if you have a eec licence - the groups on there will cover you , but you could call into the police station and talk to the traffic police and get there opinon .