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Driving license

Posted by babe777-692486 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by cheeky73 - 9 years ago

Hi u!

Hope you are well.

Wow i dont really know what to say to you, so its the locals that charge the 120 euros! Thats annoyed me big time! lol

I honestly did not know that! I had 2 tests, failed first one, passed second one.

Only reason I learnt with my driving instructor was cos he was actually a neighbour and I could not be bothered trying to find another one!

His conversational english was ropey to say the least, but his directions were ok. Main thing!

Im a british cypriot, so I more or less got the jist what he was saying.

All I can say to you is, really to put this down to experience and to accept this is how cypriots are out here.

Just get your test out the way and more importantly pass it. Im not being funny, but the examiner should know fluent english.

I was actually asked if I wanted my test to be instructed in greek or english. I chose the obvious!

If you still dont feel right, cancel and retake somewhere else or at later date. But saying that it may take a while!

U poor thing! Another thing, u mentioned driving around Limassol. Make sure you are insured and take care on the roads if you aint passed yet! I would not take to the roads until you have that licence in your hands!

Good luck. Ive chewed your ear off lol Apologies!

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Posted by babe777-692486 - 9 years ago

hi there

thank you for your reply

how did i find out that took the money for himself ??? well the driving instructor that im driving with is cypriot but i know an english driving instructor and he told me that he doesnt charge 120 euros and its only cypriots that they do it !!! and also he said that if it really was goverment fees he would have to pay for it too and he doesnt so i must go to their pockets !!! so im not a happy bunny at the moment !!!

dont want to change the instructor and start to learn new car again ,but i dont want to be ripped off either ...........

what should i do ........ :(((

i know i have to pay 120 euros again but why should i if i know its a ripp off!!!!

the examiner that i had was so misreable , didnt speak much of english ,giving me last minute directions , and in the end couldnt explain propely to me what did i failed on grrrrrrr

maybe 2nd time lucky we'll see


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Posted by cheeky73 - 9 years ago

Hi again only me!

Also 4got to put. Doesnt matter that you failed your test and paid 120 euros.

You gotta pay it again when you retake it.

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Posted by cheeky73 - 9 years ago

Hello u!

Just to clear this up and to put your mind at rest.

I passed my driving test couple weeks ago, second time lucky on an auto!

I also paid first time 120 euros when I failed. I first thought I was getting ripped off too.

I contacted my cousin to ask how much he paid for his test,{he's a local}. He told me 120 euros.

It put my mind at rest. I also didnt get a receipt, in this country they aint fans of receipts like we are used to in the uk!

How do you know if hes pocketed the 120 euros?

Ask him outright where the hell your moneys gone! I would!

To be honest Im so glad I passed my test, Im really glad to see the back of my driving instructor! lol

Paid him alot of money, but I also stressed that he should give me some freebie lessons, which he did do!

Over here with the locals, you need to be very vocal, or else they will walk all over you!

Also, if you have done, you should not have given him any money at all, until the day of your test and also most importantly till you arrived at the test centre.

That is when I handed my 120 euros over.

Hope you pass your test! Good luck.

Take care