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Driving License and Insurance

Posted by sianhennessy - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by bill&eva - 9 years ago

Unless you have maintained a home/ contact address in the UK it's doubtfull that the licencing authority in Swansea will send you a new one to a Cyprus address.

My insurer insisted in seeing my licence ( both parts ) before they would insure me ~ I would imagine the critera is similar for other insurers I doubt if they will accept your passport.

If you have no claims in the UK it's worth noting that quite a few insurers in Cyprus will accept proof of previous no claims ( from the UK) ~~ which could make your premium lower.

Most of the expats seem to go for Gan direct ~ they certainly seem to talk a good deal and their premiums appear to be cheaper than most others ~ how good they are when it comes to dealing with problems I don't know as I don't personally use them .

Multiple / any driver

When I asked my insurer about making my insurance for any driver he he said the cost of the premium would go up by at least a couple of hundred euros.

I now just extend my insurance to cover a named driver ( usually one of my sons ) which costs usually around €30 each time they visit which is a much cheaper way of doing it .


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Posted by djkorena - 9 years ago

also lost the pink card, bought a car no problem, but my.

insurance company want it, wil keep you updated