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Driving to Cyprus

Posted by mhuntington - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by kciseddoh - 9 years ago

Hi mhuntington,

Once you arrive on the island, you need to declare the car with customs at limissol port who will give you the 6 months vistors permit.

You do not pay duty on arrival. If you intend on keeping the car longer in Cyprus, then you have to apply to cutoms for relief of duty for the car.

Don't forget to bring your V5 and insurance documents.

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Posted by cabbagepatch-696070 - 9 years ago

Grimaldi Freighters from Italy are the only way we could find to take us and car to Cyprus...

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Posted by steve anderson-688962 - 9 years ago


Contact Andreas on 99450733 at global logistics, he will be able to tell you where to sail from

and book it for you, also he will be able to answer your questions on any tax to pay or the length

of time you can keep it here as a visitors .

In my opinion you would be better to buy a cheap car or hire a car if you plan to stay for six months.

If you decided to keep your Q7 here the duty would be a fortune.

Hope this helps

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Posted by mhuntington - 9 years ago

thanks for the replies. My problem is not directions. Maybe i should have been clearer. It is where to get the ferry from. It seems that there are various options but as I said the shortest (time) cross water is what I am trying to achieve.

Also any ideas on cost?

And finally.......and idea on dty to pay. i know this is a regular question but I am working on the basis of only keeping the car in Cyprus for 6 months. If I drive in will I basically be waived through after a bit of paperwork or do they try and charge duty as you arrive?

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

When I drove to Cyprus I contacted the AA. They sent me DETAILED instructions on how to get here, though every country, which turn to take, etc.
It was excellent!

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Posted by Steve5436 - 9 years ago

I think the furthest you can drive to come to the south of Cyprus is Salerno in Italy then ferry from there.

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Posted by steve anderson-688962 - 9 years ago


Go on to the AA website for a map or use a sat nav.