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Duty Free (or not duty free) vehicles?

Posted by Dave Steward - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by kitkarman - 9 years ago

If you have duty free status you can buy the car without paying the duty, if not you have to pay the duty. well thats in a nutshell.

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 9 years ago

also after a period of time being on the island , if not reg / charges paid the vehicle can be impounded by customs .

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Posted by soudas - 9 years ago

Buyer Beware comes to mind!

My husband & I imported our vehicle when we came to live in Cyprus and have it 'duty free' we cannot sell it without written permission from the Head of Customs in Nicosia.

The 'duty' has to be paid and permission given otherwise the vehicle cannot be sold, transferred or hired and the only legal driver of the said vehicle has to be the owner on the registration document plus direct family members resident in Cyprus.

Should you buy a 'duty free' vehicle I suspect you will be responsible for any unpaid duty .

I understand the armed forces in Cyprus are the only exception

Therefore unless the duty has been paid and proof given to you I would suspect all is not as it seems

Hope this helps

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

Surely 1) and 2) are duty paid and not duty free. Duty free is surely far less important nowadays since there is no 'duty' as such on EU imports. The killer is still the initial registration fee I would have thought - and as long as the vehicle has cyprus plates then this fee has been paid. For Japanese imports one just has to make sure that the price includes registration if it has not been given cyprus plates, and that will force a duty paid situation as I do not think you can have cyprus registered without paying duty. For other used vehicles the action of doing change of ownership will (I would have thought) 'trigger' the department of transport into identifying from their records that duty is 'owed' - so once again acquiring the registration document in your name indicates that all is well and above board.

Of course, I may well have spouted a load of twaddle as common sense and logic rarely applies when putting cars and cyprus into the same sentance!!!!