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flashed for stopping at a red light

Posted by sfield1023 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Paris33 - 9 years ago

Busy taxi driver who "neglects" seeing the red traffic lights, and wants you to get out of the way so that he can pass.

These is the typical behaviour that causes all the major accidents in this *** country.

Just ignore people like that.

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Posted by thetopcat - 9 years ago

he was angry with you for stopping at red lights, and he wanted you to be a stupid and brainless as him and drive through the red lights. It is no wonder why that cyprus is amongst the highest country in Europe with the most serious road accidents.
These people should be made to retake their tests, no doubt they would fail.

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Posted by friendshelp - 9 years ago

I do not agree. cypriots flash their lights only if there is police nearby and want to warn you or if they want to step aside and pass on the highway lets say. but don't ever trust taxi drivers on the cyprus roads they are the worse drivers

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Posted by sfield1023 - 9 years ago

no he stopped behind me at lights, flashed me, then went through lights,

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Posted by doddsyp - 9 years ago

Usually when Cypriots flash their lights its to indicate they are coming.