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Frustrating encounter with garage

Posted by Aase - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Aase - 8 years ago

Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions. I have had sort of a break-through today and hopefully something will happen. I went to see another mechanic in the village who was recommended by one of the locals, he was going on holidays so passed me on to another guy. I met him by my car and he could confirm that finding parts for this car is really difficult and he normally has to import used engines from the UK. He knows my mechanic and says he may have the parts he needs, if not he can help importing an engine...

Going away tomorrow but the car is in my partners name and he will be here for a while so hopefully car will be fixed eventually...

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Posted by kitkarman - 8 years ago

You will have to be quick whatever you decide your moving to Norway in a couple of days, you say in another post, Where is car ?

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Posted by zorsav-688296 - 8 years ago

Hi Aase,

Until just a week ago we lived in Parekklisia (we are leaving the island soon). I serviced my old car there with a local guy Andreas. This guy i find very friendly and honest. He speaks poor english though. His tel number is 99 674 976.

Good luck



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Posted by baxi-666881 - 8 years ago

i reckon aase neads help with this one , is there any guy,s out there who could go to the garage in limassol and see what is going on ? . am afraid i am not on the island at present otherwise would .

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Hi again Aase,

Ask this, so called mechanic, exactly what part the car requires to get it back in working order. Get him to show you the faulty part and look for any serial/part number that may be on it, take a camera and take some pictures of it. Then do some phoning and Googling for yourself. You will then have proof of the true cost of the part. Next is to ask his hourly rate for his work and get a fixed price for putting your car back on the road. If this seems excessive, and on past posts it's likely to be, you can take the quote and info you have to another garage and ask them for their price for the job.

It does seem as if they want to take you for a ride, but not in your car!, with the prices you've quoted here on this forum.


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Posted by Aase - 8 years ago

Thanks for your input. My problem is where do I take it??? I can't just take it to a random garage, this guy was recommended by friends but how would I know that someone else won't do the same thing? As the car is at his garage with the engine in the boot, in millions of parts, I will have to have it towed somewhere else so will need to know where to take it. Does anyone here have a garage in Limassol they can trust? Should I just take it to the Vauxhall (Opel) dealer?

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Posted by cyprus-dodger - 8 years ago

Take your car away from this joker and take it somewhere else, don't hesitate just do it.

Rip off time is over.


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Posted by AndrewMoni - 8 years ago

At the very least you should get details of what part he needs, tell the forum what it is - as 3000 euros for a part is totally unbelievable - and enquire at the local vauxhall dealer here in cyprus in your area AND ANOTHER (as the local dealer may be doing the price hike) - and also enquire on the cost of the part from a UK dealer. If you have no UK contacts just get a phone number off the web and give them a ring!! Then you should no if your little local guy is ripping you off as much as it sounds he is!!

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Posted by Graham S - 8 years ago

3000 Euros?!!!! What is this part? It would need to be made from solid gold to cost that sort of money!! Sounds to me as though he's taking the p.......sorry, taking the mick. If I were you I'd tell him to stuff it and have the car & engine removed to another, sane, garage. That's just plain ridiculous; he's a bully, and the way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them and tell them you're not going to take any s***; if he starts telling you he won't let you remove your own property (your own car & engine) from his premises tell him you'll report him to the police for illegal possession. I've never heard anything like it - NO car part costs 3000 Euros (unless you drive a Bugatti Vayron, of course.....). Go for it girl - tell him where to get off!


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Posted by pav - 8 years ago

a lady friend of ours recently had a problem for which she was quoted 2500 euro,s for the repair of.

she took the car to somone a friend recommended and it ended up costing 200 euro,s.!!!