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hello everyone,

Posted by Benny975 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by kazanddave - 8 years ago

Or hang around in Greece for a while, until the 6 months is up

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Posted by hhornet599 - 8 years ago

Given your situation (you got the car less than 6 months ago) you'll probably be denied the importation of the car as duty free. Which means you'll have to pay duties, 4600 cc x 7.69 EUR. That's about 35.000 EUR only for excise duty. You might get some discounts depending on vehicle's age, but no more than 34%. Then you'll have to pay registration tax, once you register your car. That will be another 5000 EUR (aprox).
Good luck.

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Posted by Benny975 - 8 years ago

Thank you very much kciseddoh for your detailed response. We've saved copies of the forms to which you referred us.

We now have to figure out how to make the applications given that the Range Rover tow vehicle was purchased (used), less than 6 months ago.

Our other wrinkle is that one of us has not lived or worked in Eire/Irish during the recent year but was employed in the Middle East. We'll follow up on this snaggle with the authorities, before departing mainland Greece.

Many thanks for your help

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Posted by kciseddoh - 8 years ago

Hi Benny957,

If you are intending on settling in Cyprus ! you will need to declare this at cutoms on arrival . They will give you a vistors permit for 3 months which could be extended if needs be. Before your vistors permit runs out, you need to apply to cutoms for duty free status for the car. Applying is straight forward as long as you meet the requirement below.

Transfer of normal residence
If you are resident in another member state of the EU and you have decided to transfer your normal residence to Cyprus, under certain conditions you are entitled to transfer your personal property without having to pay excise duty and VAT. You will find all the information in the Guide to Customs Procedures titled “Transfer of normal residence”.

If part of your personal property is a motor vehicle, you are required to declare it to the nearest Customs Station within 24 hours from the date of its arrival. If a public holiday or weekend follows the date of arrival, you must make the declaration on the first working day after the expiration of the 24 hours deadline.

In order not to be deprived of your vehicle until you make an application for relief and receive an answer, you may be allowed to drive the vehicle temporarily under Form C.104O. A copy of Form C.104O will be given to you by Customs and you must keep it in the vehicle all the time and produce it to a Customs or Police Officer if so requested.

You may submit your application for relief to any Customs Office or to Customs Headquarters. If you get a positive answer, the procedure is not terminated there. You will have to complete form SAD. If you cannot complete it on your own, you may use the services of a clearing agent. You may submit your SAD at any Regional Customs Office, accompanied by Form C.104O, which will be kept by Customs. You will not pay excise duty or VAT.

Customs will issue Form C72A and a copy will be given to you. The vehicle must be then produced, together with Form C72A and other documents relating to your vehicle, to the Inland Transport Department for inspection and registration purposes.

If you get a negative answer from Customs because you do not meet the criteria for being granted a relief for the vehicle, you have the following options:

to pay the excise duty and VAT (if the latter is payable); to place it in a customs warehouse; to send it to another member state of the EU; or to export it to a third country.

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Posted by Benny975 - 8 years ago

Thx Tony, 4.6 litres could turn out to be a major expense!

How do you suggest we 'circumvent' the money grubbers?

Pretend to be visitors when in fact we intend to settle ?

Any help would be appreciated,

Craig & Anna

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Posted by tonypp - 8 years ago

Hello, Cyprus cavavan sites tend to be a little differrent from most in europe. There must be some well run ones but most look like something out of a Mad Max film. Interesting and friendly but lacking most services. Careful with the RR, if customs think you are moving here you are likely to pay thousands on a large engine. Cyprus does not understand!!!!! the Eu bit about free trade between members. Have Fun Tony

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Posted by Benny975 - 8 years ago

Thank You Johnners,

The 'truck' is a Range Rover so may be classed as a car/personal vehicle.

We'll check out the Grimaldi site for details.

Will let you know what happens.


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Posted by johnners-660966 - 8 years ago

Grimaldi Freighters may be your only hope from Piraeus, particularly as you say you have 'a truck' If it is a truck in the true sense of the word then it will have to be sent as cargo rather than you driving it onto the ship towing your caravan, as there are restrictions on vehicle length.

Some basic info can be found here http://www.cruisecyprus.com/grimaldi_itineraries_and_prices.htm but the schedules are only a guide and things regularly change. Best contact Grimaldi directly for the latest information.

Be prepared once you dock at Limassol to have loads of paperwork thrown at you and the likelyhood of demands for lots of euros to be handed over to pay 'import duty' . If I was you I'd spend several hours while you're in Piraeus getting all your details/paperwork sorted to make sure you're not (how can I put this?) ... ripped off... yeah that'll do!