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How much and is it worth it

Posted by kevtina-687074 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by stuartcy - 9 years ago

Hi There
I have imported 4 cars this year for friends. The procedure is quite simple providing you are not trying to do it "Duty Free" in which case they make it as difficult as possible !!
From picking it up from the docks, it should take you only 1 or 2 days.
Firstly, you will need to go to the Road traffic department to get a Co2 emmisions cerfificate. You then go to a clearing agent of which there are hundreds and they fill in all the paperwork on line. After half an hour you can Then you go to the Customs office,they will want the Original Log book which must be in your name or an invoice from the person on the log book to you.They will want the C02 certificate, The shipping details certificate.
They will charge you the duty ( you can find out how much this will be on the Cyprus Govt website, there is an Excel sheet which yoiu fill in) This bit MUST be done within 10 working days from when you pick up the car at the docks
You are then Legal. You must then register the Vehicle within 6 months. Once again that is easy. You will have to get a Cyprus MOT (Easily passed) and go back to the Transport Department who take all the documents off you and fill in the required forms (takes about half an hour)
Pay your registration fee and they will give you your Cyprus number plate.
Can easily be done in a couple of half days
Just dont try to do it Duty Free. Its not just a case that you wont be able to sell it. Theres a lot more to it than that!
Best Wishes

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Posted by Dianne-670722 - 9 years ago

Getting the car registered is a real headache and takes months of travelling up to Nicosia. We brought over a motorbike (husbands pride and joy) and it took a year to sort. I know a chap who has just arrived and they have impounded his car because he hasn't got the correct paperwork. From what most people say it takes about 8 months to get registered and a lot of people say it ain't worth the hassle.

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Posted by Messolonghitis - 9 years ago

Hi there,

Yes its worth it because you dont pay tax on importing from the UK unless you sell it.

You onll pay for the transportation cost which is about 1000Euros all inclusive.

if you need anything else please call me or send me an email

Best Regards

Michael +357 99 421020

email: mmessolonghitis@gmail.com

take care