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how to buy a scooter

Posted by Bomber-690294 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by manxlad77 - 6 years ago

cyprus provisional will cover him for scooter/bike for upto 1 year

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Posted by Lindac-730071 - 6 years ago

Hi, looking at your latest post re Dont's! - was thinking of buying my husband a little scooter, 50cc or......, but he has never had a full driving licence, just a provisional. ( he can drive, but he works overseas with Company drivers and with muggins here to drive him around, when he's at home in Cyprus). Does he need a licence of any sort to drive a scooter here?ThanksLi

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Posted by dathingfish - 8 years ago

Number 1 ........ DON'T BUY A CHINESE MADE SCOOTER !!!!!!!!!!!! - KoreanTaiwan are ok ( eg Kymco,PGO,Sym) - japanese better still

Number 2 ......... Check you have the relevant entitlement on your licence - you may be restricted to a 50cc machine or If you are older or passed your car test over 5 years ago - 125 cc is ok

Number 3 ......... Avoid ex rental or tuned 10 year old dio's - unless you want to spend time waiting for parts or the "mechanic" to fix it

Number 4 .......... DON'T BUY A CHINESE SCOOTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - get the message

You will have no problem buying,insuring and using a scooter on a UK licence

If you are paphos area ... pm me your number and I'll be happy to help with any aspect

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Posted by tonypp - 8 years ago

If you live here you should get a Cyprus licence but many of us continue on a UK one. You will need third party insurance( that's all most insurance companies offer) Tax will depend on the bike you buy and there is no Mot for bikes in Cyprus. There are ex hire bikes about, some of these are rough and as they do not even come with a Mot you could be buying trouble. Go to a good dealer and ask about the history of the bike . If they can not tell you anything go elswhere. Tony