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Illegal to Display Car Tax

Posted by JB Bear - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by Mystic - 8 years ago

You can read exactly what the police stance is on displaying tax discs. This is an official letter from the Cyprus Police. (scroll down the page for the link).

Cyprus Police Letter re: Displaying Car Tax Discs

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Posted by Cy35M - 9 years ago

really strange. I am sure I heard on the news a couple of months ago that displaying the road tax is illegal...

well at least at the front windscreen it is.

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Posted by Snooze-689425 - 9 years ago

A friend got stopped the other night and the Police told her that if she didnt display she would get a 30 Euro fine so if the Police dont know what are we to do?

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Posted by Tang-662317 - 9 years ago

Yes my local mechanic told me about this no tax in the window stuff just last week. Gave me a cardboard folder (with proper little round windows both sides for them both) to put tax and MoT in and said to keep it under the strap on the sun visor.

It's good news if it means drivers will no longer be able to drive with 2 or 3 handwritten A4 sheets of paper advertising their car is for sale in their windows.

We might even be getting to the stage where they will pull blokes up for riding their motorcyles sans helmet and with a toddler sitting on the gas tank whilst they navigate roundabouts anti clockwise.

Or, perish the thought - that they start prosecuting drivers who have their head on one side, clamping their mobile phone to their shoulder?

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Posted by kitkarman - 9 years ago

Yes it would have failed in uk as well, same everywhere really.

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Posted by Mystic - 9 years ago

My friend just told me that her car failed its MOT for a couple of things, but one of the things that must be rectified made me laugh, she has one of those stick on anti-sun visor strips, not sure the exact name for them, but they stop you getting blinded by the sun, you stick them on at the top part of the windscreen. They will not give an MOT pass with that on. That is so rediculous, better to remove it and get blinded ha ha!

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Posted by loadsatime-678473 - 9 years ago

well well well the topic goes on but slowing removed my stickers now in lower right hand window with m.t. fag packets noddin dog (not Churchill) old pullover case it gets cold! WHEN IN ROME AN ALL THAT!! so lets leave it to the enforcers who by the way have tax discs danglies etc in front sceens.

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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hi again Cosmicpulsar,

I couldn't agree with you more. Which is why I wrote: Whether the police perform their duties and are tackling crime efficiently, enforcing all laws fairly, plus clear up rates etc, is open to much debate We've lived here for just over ten years and the driving standards in 1999 were just as bad as they are now. The main change is the number of cars on the road and therefore the increase in careless drivers. It seems the ratio to the number of cars / dangerous drivers has increased therefore overall the situation is much worse.

Sad to say this matter won't be addressed or resolved until for example a high ranking Government official or family member is seriously injured or killed. That would be the wake up call but by then it's too late for those people and many more besides.

When we lived in the UK our village became a rat run for many motorists who sped through the high street with total disregard for other drivers and those walking on the very narrow pavements. The police, council and Highways Agency response... 'on our points scoring system there haven't been enough speeding fines issued, injuries or deaths to warrant a change in speed limit or traffic calming measures' ... It always stunned me that death came third on their list. Kind of showed their priorities. Sadly I fear Cyprus is much the same.

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Posted by kitkarman - 9 years ago

Tailgating, mobile phones, speeding, running red lights, driving on hard shoulder, reminds me of my daily commute on M62 Yorks to Lancs
much slower pace on the highway to Nicosia.

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Posted by cosmicpulsar - 9 years ago

Johnners, I know the police don't make the laws but are there to enforce them..... but the problem here in Cyprus is they Don't do a good job of it. Fair enough if your not allowed a sticker on the front windscreen, don't have one. But the drivers here blatantly break about every law of the road. Important ones and they are out and out dangerous people. Using mobiles, underaged children in the front seat and sometimes without a belt AND standing, forever edging forward into a juction when lights are at red and quite often because there are no vehicles coming the other way they just go. Tail-gateing. Then of course theres their facination with speed. ...... hey the list goes on. And where are the police.... very few about and when they are they don't give a damn.... I've seen it happen. I use the roads for work but other than that I keep my trips to the minimum...... what a sham it is.