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import duty on cars.

Posted by sandra46-681487 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by sandra46-681487 - 9 years ago


to update: been to road transport. asked to re register the car, no arguments, just given a form to fill in, and to get stamped by Muktar. no, "but you haven't paid duty". unless that comes up when we present the form back at road transport. the form is in Greek, so i haven't filled it in yet.

to Astro 7041, i think you have to accept that whatever legislation was in place prior to joining EU, is what you get!

to T and P, there should be something on the form you were given as to when you need to register at the local road transport. if you have paid your duty, you should be able to go down immediately.

in general, i think new cars are still liable for import tax, but in our case retired pensioners, with a second hand car, there is no duty payable. if you visit cyprus government web portal, there is allsorts of information on there, or the MOF/customs site.

hope this helps.

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Posted by T and P-669409 - 9 years ago

I also have questions about the importation of vehicles from the UK.

I am a registered resident here, I work and pay social security and taxes.

I imported a double cab, picked it up from Limassol docks, and paid all the fees there. I then went to a clearing agent in Paphos, who filled out the forms for me. Then I went to customs and paid the duty on the vehicle.

What I need to know is how long do I have before I must visit the registration centre to pay more money out and get my Cypriot number plates?



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Posted by astro7041 - 9 years ago

I am very interested to know the outcome of this as I brought a car in pre EU entry and they only let me use it for 365 days before informing me that I had to pay roughly 3 times its value in 'tax'. I let them take it for auction. But now we are in the EU does that mean I can bring a car in duty free.? and does this apply to all EU nationals?