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importing a car to cyprus

Posted by mikeh-662950 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by algy-672408 - 8 years ago

Algys Autos are a British staffed company registered in Cyprus and have a garage in the UK We regularly import ANY car for you whether it be your own car or you want one purchased for you in the uk and then registered here in Cyprus.


web is: algysautos-cyprus.com

Good Luck

Algys Autos Ltd

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Posted by ayrshire - 8 years ago

hi ,

I've recently had duty free status on my car imported from the UK approved. I have also now had it pass it's MOT. I was looking at the registration fee and road tax calculator. I see you knock 20% off the total if you have a European Certificate of Conformity. Do I need one? It's a RHD Audi.

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Posted by morecambegal - 8 years ago

hi ther just read your info on bringing your mini cooper to cyprus i wish to bring mine over from the uk and need someone to sort everything out for me as we are older and dont want to much stress do you have a number or someone who could help much appreciated regards Isabel.please email me

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 8 years ago

the cheapest way , is to do it yourself - take the car to southampton docks , ship it with grimaldi to limassol port . cost approx £700 depending on size of car . if when in cyprus the customs get to much , then get the help of a local agent .

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Posted by parascovia - 8 years ago


I hope u read this message . as the thread was written a while ago . iam trying to import a car to Cyprus too so i was wonderig if you can email me the guy's details that helped with the shipping too please ?
. my email ; roger_everett@yahoo.co.uk



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Posted by andante - 8 years ago

we imported our 1.6 Peugeot Partner Escapade in 2009, you have to allow approx £2k for shipping ,port clearance,import duty,new Cy mot(even if you have a full UK one) plus re-registration for Cy and new plates.

The whole thing takes approx 1 week from arrival visiting all the govt depts some not too helpful. The mot is a farce ,even if just passed a UK mot they will make up the rules to try to get a re-test fee.

However I recon it is worthwhile as I would not pay the ridiculous prices asked by the dealers.

Also our vehicle is not sold in Cyprus.

But if you import a vehicle and claim exemption from tax as a resident you then cannot

then sell the vehicle in Cy without then paying the duty !

they don't give you anything !

PS. We are currently selling our vehicle on ebay and have bought a newer one ready to import

later this year.

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Posted by othen - 8 years ago

Thank you Kitkarman,

The calculator was very useful, it looks like only about Euro 300 in duty (although there does seem to be some confusion as to whether there should be any duty to pay at all on a used car from another EU nation). My current car here is a Mazda 1500cc so I'm guessing VED would be about the same.

I read (in the Cyprus Mail) that the car ferry to Greece was about to start again soon, I remember taking it 20 years ago & driving back to UK, it was fun and I might do it again next year if the ferry is operating; had you heard any news on that issue?



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Posted by kitkarman - 8 years ago

just use the calc posted earlier tell you what is to pay, get price from shipper for clearance and shipping, registering and the road tax only cheap on a 1.4.

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Posted by othen - 8 years ago

Hi Mikeh,

Did you import the car in the end? I'd be interested in hearing whether you had any problems.

I'm thinking of bringing a 2008 Fiat Panda 1.4 diesel here, it is UK registered, VAT paid and I have owned it from new, I'm guessing that would be a similar set of circumstances to your car.



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Posted by No longer Online - 8 years ago

If you are importing from an EU country, can prove ownership in previous EU country for a time, not sure but believe it has to minimum of one year and you are in your first year of residency here you pay no tax to import your vehicle. I know of people who have done this but there is criteria that has to be conformed to. The best place to find out all the information is to go to customs house in limassol new port, first floor second office on left, they are very helpful but as my friend found out you will have to explain that it is EU to EU. If you Google "moving car from EU to EU" you will find the info and take this with you.
Hope this is of help but as I always say everyone's circumstances are different and you need to find out for yourself.