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Importing a motorcycle 2003 apilia rsv 1000cc

Posted by Greg G - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by mudmonster-693396 - 9 years ago

Last year I brought over from England my triumph trophy motorbike and my landrover defender van, the bike was to be my duty free vehicle and as the defender was classed as a commercial vehicle it was exempt from import duty, after numerous visits to the customs they still would not accept the defender as a commercial vehicle, they decided to impound my bike and let me keep the defender until they made up their minds,I have just got my bike back after 9 months, Ireceived a letter saying that if I did not come down within the next 7 days and paid up they would sell the bike I did not want to lose the bike so Igave in and paid them below is a breakdown of what they charged me.








AMOUNT 1495-91

VAT 14-09

TOTAL €1500-00

Rather a convenient number dont you think, wish you luck you will need it

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Posted by hhornet599 - 9 years ago

Hi Greg,
I got this information directly from Dept. of Customs and Excise. I got my Hornet from Italy and before bringing it here, I sent an email to Customs. I got the answer few days later. You can check their web site for more details (although they are for cars mainly): http://www.mof.gov.cy/mof/customs/customs.nsf/index_en/index_en?OpenDocument
U should be able to use your existing insurance, as you cannot insure the bike here while is on foreign plates. If you have an EU insurance it is just fine and can use it until you'll register the bike.
Don't know why we're still paying duties when bringing vehicles in Cyprus, as it is illegal. There should be only a registration tax, but we have both...

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Posted by Greg G - 9 years ago

Hey Mr Hornet, ( great bikes!)

Thanks a lot ! I appreciate your great knowledge about importing bikes to Cyprus!.Sorry for the delayed response crazy weekend! How did you get this source, I have been looking all over the place??

I guess I will have to import the bike and ride around for 6 months praying the legislation is put in place as it is rip off , why we need to pay duties within EU!! mad! and bikes below 6000miles to pay VAt again wether it is 15 years old is stupid!

By the way another question!!...once I arrive to Cyprus and go through customs my bike will be insured and Taxed from the UK. Do I cancel my insurance and tax and insure the bike in Cyprus on UK plates and pay the tax?....not sure how that works, Insurance from the Uk would cover for a road trip etc but tnot to be a abroad for 6 months?..

Any information would help...

Cheers again mr Hornet!!!

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Posted by andreasth - 9 years ago

do you also know the duty for cars? thinking of importing a jeep wrangler 2.8 5 door 2007 model

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Posted by hhornet599 - 9 years ago

Hi Greg,
Here's the current taxation for motorcycles:

From 0 to 600cc no excise duty

From601 to1000cc €1.71 per c.c. (whole capacity). For example, 698ccX€1.71=€1193.58 as excise duty

From 1001cc and upwards,€2.56 per c.c. (whole capacity). For example,1450ccX€2.56=€3712 is the amount to be charged as excise duty.

A depreciation allowance is granted on used m/cycles as follows:

Up to 1 year old:31%

up to 2 years old:32%in total

up to 3 years old:32%in total

up to 4 years old:33%in total

up to 5 years old:33%in total

up to 6 years old:34%in total

up to 7 years old:35%in total

up to 8 years old:36%in total

up to 9 years old:36%in total

up to 10 years old:37%in total which is the maximum allowance.

No VAT is chargeable, provided that:

-a) the used and taxed/registered m/cycle is of an age over six months old, counting from the date of registration up to the date of arrival in Cyprus

-b) it has covered more than 6000kilometres.

As for paying the duty, once you have your bike here you'll need to apply at Customs for a paper which will allow to ride the bike for few months (around 6). After that you'll need to pay the duty and register the bike.