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Importing new ATV/Quads from Asia - Help Please!:)

Posted by johnyelland1234 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by AndrewMoni - 8 years ago

I really would go round the hoops before ordering and shipping!! Check with an agent or customs regarding import duty and excise duty. VAT will definitely be payable. Check with road transport regarding acceptabiity on Cyprus roads. Determine costs before you commit. I did something similar with buggy's/gokarts call them what you will. EU has or is in the process of tightening the rules I think on the light vehicles whaich are, let's be honest, really unsafe to ride/drive on roads without safety gear etc. In particular many of the quads are not road usable due to high C of G. If they are not EU certified then your chances of acceptabaility are probably zero. If they ARE EU certified there is still no absolute guarantee they will be accepted by Nicosia.. As I understood it when getting mine through some of the 'EEC certificates' are of dubious validity from certain countries. Make of that what you will!! Quads and buggies are classified as 'quadricycles' - so honestly don't know if they are treated the same as bikes or not. I think they are regarded as small cars from memory. So duties will be 1) according to standard EU tariff. 2) based on engine cc.+20% as I don't suppose you will CO2 certificate 3) NOTE how VAT is calculated - on purchase+transport+insurance++++ whatever else they can think of!!!. Registration charge is based on cc, road tax is based on cc, inspection charges are at the whim of the inspectors (customs and transport dept). Have you tried to establish relations with an existing quad dealer (and back from him to an importer if necessary) - to determine accuracy of all I have written??

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Posted by johnyelland1234 - 8 years ago

Hey thanks for getting bck to me :)
Please visit: http://www.mof.gov.cy/mof/customs/Customs.nsf/All/96935E6917ED83EDC225735400270DB8?OpenDocument
Does this mean that theres no import duty to pay (as all of the quads are under 600cc?)
As for the insurance and tax, i've already had a qoutation and thats ok.
These are for on road use, so I will most likely be jumping through those hoops.
I'm buying one for myself first as a tester, so i'll try my luck :)
Thanks again for your answer it is appreciated.

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 8 years ago

1. Be prepared for a load of frustration!!

2. From non-eu source even more frustration!!

3. Import duty - usually at the custom's concealed rate of fees. Try and get an answer from them before placing the order!!

4. For road use or off road use?? If for road use then even if they have EU approval you will have hoops to go through in Nicosia if they are the 'first of type' into Cyprus. Slightly easier if Nicosia already knows about them. Certificate of conformity will need Nicosia's stamp though (for each item) else you will never get them registered. Certificate may even be stamped with conditions to be met (eg Speedo to be in kph) before the stamp is given.

5. Registration charge / inspection / call it what you want - based on engine size should be 'reasonable'. Inspection at DOT whim, registration according to scale fees on internet

6. Insurance - not many companies deal with them and it is expensive - can cost more than a car

7. Road tax - cheap and on internet