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Land Rover defender 12 seater

Posted by ticktock-682513 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by kazanddave - 9 years ago

Apparently anything over 7 seats requires a special licence, you cannot even buy a vehicle with more than 7 seats without this licence.
I expect its like a psv or mini bus licence, as in the UK.

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Posted by paul 008 - 9 years ago

Hi Ya

Here it is in black and white DONT DO IT.

I drove a 9 seater over her and ended up taking it back. What with the red tape and all the other stuff that goes with it.

If you are planing to keep it 10 years? then are no import duty. If not, and want to sell it, you will have to pay import duty.

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Posted by ssaltysam - 9 years ago

Have you considered taking a few of the seats out? Check how much Cyprus Customs will want for import - although we are all 'Europeans' now, the government are still extorting illeagal monies and paying the EU fines!! Worth doing your homework before shipping costs become involved.