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Mercedes Sprinter - worth bringing over?

Posted by ScattyAnnie - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by ScattyAnnie - 9 years ago

Andrew - thanks for the reply! Now you see which I'm known as Scatty! Do Customs go thru every container that arrives?? Can't see they'd be interested in horse stuff! I think this is going to take a bit of planning! Thanx Annie

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

Shipping the trailer with or without the horsey contents would seem to be the far more sensible idea. Driving it to Athens just for the hell of it (cos that's as far as you'll get before you need to fly) just has to be a bonkers thought - especially as it sounds as though you don't really need the van once you are here!!

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Posted by ScattyAnnie - 9 years ago

Hi! The reason I was going to drive it over was so that I can bring my new horse trailer over with it. I'm shipping my horse over in March/April, I'm just waiting delivery of a brand new trailer and thought it would be one of my better ideas to drive them both. My horse has lots of stuff that I'd need to bring over and thought this was the best way. Failing that I suppose I could just ship the trailer over and forget about buying a van. What do you reckon? Once again, any advice would be appreciated! Annie

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Posted by gardner-664257 - 9 years ago


I bought a van over from England this year which I use here for work , I put SOME used personal effects inside and shipped it over , I had no problems whatsoever , I drove it into Southampton docks and the next time I saw it was my side of Limassol docks ready to drive away , why don't you do the same , I used Cyprus Global Logistics and would again , I know a lot of people who have and had no complaints , the guy's name is Mr Andreas his phone number is 0035799450733 give him a call and get him to give you a quote you might be suprised

WHY do you want to drive it here , you can drive it through the north but you will never be able to register it here as Kyrenya is not a recognised port , the only bit of driving you could do is to Athens and then put it on a boat but you would still have to fly here .

lastly there would be a bit of a mark up if you sold it , but don't expect to make a furtune unless you get a real bargain in the UK , best of luck , if you need any more help give me a bell

Tony 99943749

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 9 years ago

hi , i hope you realise what you would be taking on ? . if you mean driving to greece first ? . good idea to fill box with personal stuff and lock it . customs would have a field day , example - i put 4 spare wheels inside car before shipping from southampton - limmassol , customs seen them and wanted 500 euros duty , i told them i would dump them in the dock first . total duty came to 120 euros for car & wheels . - sprinter van is well liked but values are high here . van has no street cred here compared to flash car .