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Need help!

Posted by clydegoogle - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by phelps - 9 years ago

Cost of shipping is about GB£500, registration and duty you will have to ask the customs by email on the above website. Give them date of 1st registration and a proposed import date together with odometer reading in Kilometers and I am sure they will be helpful. I doubt there is any "green" reduction.

Unless you are going to be travelling a awful lot from town to town on the highways your fuel economy will not be great, there are a lot of start/stops around towns. You might also check on the price of replacement electric motor batterycells here with a Toyota main agent as I think they may well be horrendous and probably not original equipment with little guarantees. I checked on Gan for insurance cover and fully comp clean was over €660. The car resale here would be very difficult as it woud not appeal to many buyers.

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Posted by clydegoogle - 9 years ago

the car's toyota prius 2005 hybrid!how much could i spend(shipping,and cyprus registration)?

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Posted by phelps - 9 years ago

Here is the customs website which gives you all the info you need and a calculator to work out your duty.

Best to keep under 2000cc but try out a few models on this site. Don't forget registration for plates is 3/400 in addition.