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Nissan 350z or 370z

Posted by damien7579 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by virtualm - 9 years ago

I used to own a 350z in the UK (azure blue), I was thinking of importing it but the cost was about €18000 euros because of the engine size. Therefore I had to sell before I came out, I was gutted but I dont really miss it as Cyprus isnt the place for such a great car IMO. For starters there are no tracks to take your car and have a blast, the speed limits are too low and I'd just end up cruising like an idiot with all that power to play with.

Maintenance wise, I had no problems in the 3 years I owned the car. Servicing in the UK was dirt cheap, but not sure in Cyprus. The only thing I ever really replaced were discs, pads & tyres. Just remember they have 225/45/18 on the front and 245/45/18 on the rear. I would imagine road tax is €500+ a year.

Just remember the practicalities in Cyprus, you cant take a lot of luggage in the zed, ok you'l can get your shopping in the boot, but if you take beach gear, bbq stuff etc then your're knackered.

But, not to put a dampener on it, it was a real blast to own, especially the exhaust note and more importantly after a K&N CAI was fitted....

PM if you have any more questions ok!