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Nissan Nx 100

Posted by janey1982-667524 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by medrunner - 9 years ago

if the guy took the car to flush the radiator and whole cooling system with caustic soda without dismantling just the radiator and flush it with caustic soda, then your cylinder head gasket more likely needs changing. If the whole cooling system was attached to a machine that pumps caustic soda through it in order to clean corrosion/silt and blocked passages then it will have most probably dislodged a piece of corrosion/silt/solid deposits that were somehow sealing a tiny little space between the gasket and water passage causing coolant to enter the combustion chamber and evaporate. If this is the case (most likely on older cars ) then you need to replace the head gasket, or possibly change head gasket and get your cylinder head repaired that will be quite costly.

all the best, and if your in Nicosia i can suggest my mechanic