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Norton commando help

Posted by Laz-707646 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Laz-707646 - 8 years ago

Just saw the reply from Cosmicpulsar. I live in Larnaca and i will give him a call.

Thanx a lot, appreciate it mate.


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Posted by Laz-707646 - 8 years ago

Thanx for the reply

I stand corrected 18000-19000 euro is the final price. Even so considering all of your suggestions i will make my choice in the coming months. It's going to be a Norton or a Triumph thruxton. My concern for a skilled mechanic that will service the bikes still stands, so anyone who comes acroos one feel free to recomend him to me.

Thanx in advance


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Posted by cosmicpulsar - 8 years ago

Hi Laz You don't say where on the island you are but I have the answer to your problem.

His name is Stuart Field (Ex IOM Racer) What he doesn't know about Nortons, Triumphs, BSA's, Enfields etc isn't worth knowing.

He lives and has a workshop in Ypsonnas (Just outside Limassol) His tel. is 99926027.

Tell him Mal recommended him to ya.

If ya have any problems get back to me on here or 99930873

All the best. Mal

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Posted by bsharp - 8 years ago

Much as I like your idea - I'd suggest that this is not the right bike for Cyprus -

Based on the fact they only have 1 UK dealer and probably a handfull of trained mechanics I doubt you would get comprehensive support in the UK, for what is a "specialist short production run" bike, even if you lived no more than 50 miles from Donnington.

My experience here is pretty much the same as hi2tux..... there are very few people I'd trust to do anything more than the routine maintenance I can do myself.

Also - For your information

List price new - (at todays exchange rate)- approx 15000 euro

Shipping, Duty and Registration - approx 2500 euro

I'd budget 18000 euro in total

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Posted by Laz-707646 - 8 years ago

Thank's for the reply. I am aware of the price and i calculate that it will cost around 15000 euro in total on the road and that is a considerable amount. However given my limited knowledge and the fact that i will have to import any replacement parts needed, I would prefer to have a capable, trustworthy mechanic-shop that will service the bike for me.

If anyone knows someone fiiting the description and better yet someone familiar with the Norton brand i would really appreciate it.

Thank's in advance

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Posted by hi2tux - 8 years ago

I service my own bike a BMW, but that's very straight forward. Otherwise I'd have to go to Nicosia for a service or find an independent workshop. My choice is to do it myself as I could not find a meticulous workshop that met my needs.

With the import are you aware that as the bike is over 600cc there will be duty to pay on it.

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 8 years ago

might be better to get one of norvilles rebuilt bikes , no onboard computer or ecu , then you could service the bike yourself , also the price of norton commando,s are on the up , ? .