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Not paying speeding fine:what can happen ?

Posted by jackofspades - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by soph-678689 - 9 years ago

as they say we learn by our mistakes, speed limits are there for a reason,so if you were speeding just pay the fine and get it over and done with and just put it down to experience.

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Posted by hadraycott - 9 years ago

I had a speeding fine just pay up if you speed expect to pay for it

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Posted by lawrence38-682147 - 9 years ago

Um, it;s OK, I'm fine now, I did go and pay it a few days ago and did pay it using a lot of coins....My luck, that day it had to be a nice lady over the counter at the Police station...so no comments about that.

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Posted by cip2006is - 9 years ago

It is better to pay the fine and let it be! i speak from experience.

Better pay now less, than a lot later!

I understand your frustration, u should try to see life a bit diferent, don't look at what others do, if u do wrong, and get cought, u should pay, don't look at other people doing the same or worst, and point them as an escuse for your bad action. When u will accept the fact that u did wrong, and u should pay 4 that, u will feel better. Looking in the neighbors yard will not get u any good! Maybe some time u will be the lucky one and other people get caught!

About the driving licence, don't change it unless u make the new type, card type one, the one that will be a must since 2011. there was an article in 'cyprus mail' about that.

I have a guess about your nationality (EU), i think we come from the same country, :P. I also live in Limassol.
pm me if u wanna have a beer too chill your nerves!

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Posted by lawrence38-682147 - 9 years ago

what do you mean by that ? So they won't let people get off, since everybody in Cyprus seems to know each other, especially in the smaller communities ? Yes I suppose that makes sense but you see it would be better for people's mentalities to change...in my birth country a few years ago there was a big fuss on TV about how the Minister Of Interior who is sort of the big "chief"of police got fined by a rookie on the road...His patrol colleague recognized him a few moments later (it was night) and tried to "remedy" the situation but the Minister insisted he payed the fine..after that the media found out and made a big story out of it.

Anyway, to get back to my fine...I guess by letter of law I deserve it... but what about the (very) young drivers , some of them Cypriot , some of them of other nationalities that speed or should I say race at night causing havoc and humongous racket on the beach road, sometimes waking me up at night with their roaring mufflers ? I NEVER see anybody being pulled off by police past the old port road towards the touristic area..and I've seen accidents happening, I've seen very frequently highly idiotic motorcycle drivers going on 1 wheel !!! things that put this city/country to shame. I do not believe it would be so difficult for these things to be sorted out. Putting speed traps at night in areas where there's 0 pedestrians and where the conditions of the road allow going over the speed limit is to me a crass example of police inefficiency in this country.

As for me, I've decided I will pay the fine , probably tomorrow but not before going by the bank to request for some low monetary tokens to cause a bit of "noise" when I go there and show a bit of my frustration...I will probably give them 10-15 Euros in 1c - 2c - 5c - 10c - 20c....

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Posted by baxi-666881 - 9 years ago

i can,t speak for all the island , but in paphos they bring in the (traffic ) boys from out of town , not related ? .

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Posted by lawrence38-682147 - 9 years ago

Guess what ? As I was off this morning from work, I did go by the station to pay the damned fine.. the guy there is telling me I am not in the system, that because the fine date is 07 ( it was slightly past 00:00) , I cannot pay it today and must come back (and waist my time, of course) another day....Sometimes I think this Cyprus island is located in the Bermuda Triangle and not in the Mediterranean sea and all that happens here surpasses all understanding and all ideas of a civilized world...

Cyprus, WAKE UP and smell the flowers !!!

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Posted by kazanddave - 9 years ago

Cypriots do get fines for traffic offences.

Across the road from a shop that we frequent is the traffic police station. There is a lay by in front where people park to go and pay their fines.
More often than not they are Cypriot.

We also know a 65 yr old Cypriot gentleman who drives a prestige car and has been fined several times for not wearing his seatbelt.

You broke the law and was caught. If in the future you may wish to return to Cyprus, it may be worth paying.

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Posted by lawrence38-682147 - 9 years ago

Thanks for the replies...can't really tell them I'm a tourist, because a tourist wouldn't go buy a car...they would rent one.
I guess it is not worth it in the end not to pay it, but it is so frustrating to see the condition of the driving in Cyprus and think that the best the Cypriot police can do is hide at street corners at night and give fines for speeding, when there are much bigger offenses happening all the time. Also, I was talking to a colleague at work, a Cypriot person who says he didn't get a fine in the 5 years since having a licence and I've been in his car a few times and his driving is fast and atrocious...like so many others here. I'm just wondering having been a Cypriot, would they have given me a fine or not ?

Anyway, for those of you who live in Limassol, for future reference, as I saw police in that spot a couple of times before , be careful on the road from Old Port >> New Port, just across the Coca Cola/Keo factories.

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Posted by tikka-664777 - 9 years ago

I remember in Sept last year the police came to our office enquiring as to the where abouts of someone who used to work there. Seems they had 2 outstanding parking tickets from 2008 & they had tracked them down to their work place. The person in question had returned to their homeland in feb 2009, & when we asked what would now happen, the police stated that they would be placed on the blacklist. This would mean they will have problems should they try to re-enter Cyprus & be held until they could be taken to court for the offence & given a heavy fine. As far as I am aware this person has never attemped to come back here, so I don't know how true this is.