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Registration Plate starting with "X" on car..

Posted by lawrence38-682147 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by M Gee - 9 years ago

Seems like a UK "Personalised plate" to me.

M Gee

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Posted by Stefan.N - 9 years ago

Lawrence, the typical Cyprus plates are AAA000 ... when the AAA is the code for the year of registration... The first letter is usually E, H, K ... red plates are for rental cars, the temporary are usually with a small red square instead of EU flag, with the exipiry date on it. The embassies and government cars also have different plates... probably you saw some of them or even foreign or non-typical UK plate. In my country the plates start with different letter, according to the district they've been registered into... and we have starting with "X", which is equivalent to the latin "H" . I've seen also plates with words.. there was one black Mercedes around Nicosia with plate "MOCKBA"(Cyrillic) or "MOSCOW"(latin)... which probably cost millions in Russia. :)

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Posted by lawrence38-682147 - 9 years ago

ok, thanks...I thought maybe it's some special foreign registration or something...like a temporary plate..because all the plates I've seen (for passenger private cars) are like AAA111, 3 letter, 3 number...this one was X 111 AAA so that's why I found it a bit strange...

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

X does not mean anything - it is a normal number plate.