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Requirements for selling a car privately

Posted by Alibali-695352 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by garry7b2000 - 8 years ago

When selling a car I have read that I must have the documentation stamped by a muktar or other licensed person. What is the easiest way to get this certified stamp? I do not know what a muktar is!

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Posted by shopaholic-670119 - 8 years ago

I suggest that you get a cover note from your insurance company for the new car that you are buying. Then you can always cancel the original insurance and make a new one for the new car.

Speak to your insurance company for clarification.

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Posted by jackofspades - 8 years ago

So , for example if I have a car at the moment for which I have insurance, will I be able to buy another car from someone and then transfer the insurance to the car I'm getting or do I have to first do that and only then will it be possible for me to register that car on my name ?

When you go to get the car registered on your name, do they ask to see the insurance showing THAT particular car on the insurance document or JUST insurance on your name ??

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Posted by Alibali-695352 - 9 years ago

Thanks that's what I thought.

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Posted by Mark58 - 9 years ago

It's the buyer that needs to have insurance as they have to insert the policy No and company name on the transfer document.