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road fund licence

Posted by loadsatime-678473 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by saronicsam - 9 years ago

Hey Guys,

Guess what ? I got pulled over by the police just last week. This is a usual occurrence for me as I drive a VERY old car.

And you've guessed it, the police were checking my TAX Disc !!!!!!!!

They always do, just check it and say its ok, everything is in order and let me on my way.

SO do the Police know about this New Law, or maybe some do and some don't.

This was a organized stop in a lay-by, which is a regular occurrence in the same spot near my home by the Traffic Police and they were checking Tax Discs and papers for many vehicles. I wasn't the only one.

SO now more confused



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Posted by loadsatime-678473 - 9 years ago

just sittin here scanning anglo [road tax disscutions] wow its goes back aways are all these governments stupid we know it does not go to pay for road repairs
uk it pays the PMs salary: here; god only knows? why all the fuss put it on the fuel pay as you go simpullz as meerkats say!

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

The ban on tinted windows was intended for all vehicles.

To what extent the Traffic Police will enforce the laws (no stickers on the windows, no tinted windows) is open to debate.

The crunch for tinted windows may come when you apply for your next MOT.

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Posted by nic0las - 9 years ago

I have tinted windscreens darker at back than front but this came when the car was made, not additional.

Surely you can't get fined for that??

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Posted by journo-666338 - 9 years ago

The law has been amended. That is 100% certain.

You are not required to display the Road Tax disc on the windscreen and in fact can be fined if you do so.

The Police carry palm-held devices; when they enter your vehicle registration number they can access information on your Road Tax, MOT and Insurance status.

Print out your tax disc and carry it in the glove compartment.

There used to be a requirement to display the MOT disc; that was changed with absolutely no problem. Why should there be a problem regarding non-display of Road Tax?

As mentioned in a prevcious post, the Police will also start to prosecute owners who have vehicles with tinted darkly tinted windows.

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Posted by loadsatime-678473 - 9 years ago

SO if i wernt confused.com i certainly am now course this/ thease laws do not take into account the dangly things hanging round rear view mirrors [you know what i mean nod nod wink ].tinted screens are allowed if done by manufacturer not the done after job [blacked out d.i.y job] but in all cases it will be down to the authorites/police will it not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

So Cyprus has self-contradicting legislation - why doesn't that surprise me? Also, as things stand at the moment, if it becomes illegal to display a tax disc, won't the position of driving through the SBAs (which, like very many of us, I do quite regularly to get into town) become anomalous? As I understand it, driving there you're under the jurisdiction of the SBA police and British legislation applies; it will therefore be a legal requirement to display a tax disc...........

Strikes me as a case of "if it ain't broke...." By all means legislate to prevent windscreens - or all vehicle windows, maybe - being obscured by assorted stickers, but the tax disc is carried in a spot which cannot possibly interfere with the driver's vision and provides instant proof of your vehicle's authority to use the road. Personally I can't see the point of changing it. And banning tinted windows surely can only be enforced with regard to new vehicles - unless the government is going to pay for us all to have all our car windows replaced..............

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Posted by kitkarman - 9 years ago

Cyprus weekly and some Cypriot papers stated law was ammended last week. Also hire cars are keeping red plates now were going to be changed to white front and rear.

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Posted by newlyweds - 9 years ago

There are actually 2 contradicting pieces of legislation on this matter, the first states that tax discs must be displayed bottom left hand corner of the indscreen the second states that no stickers etc may be placed on the windows of a vehicle. The government is proposing to overhaul ALL this legislation this year to clarify matters and remove the requirement to display tax or MOT discs, they also want to change the colours and fonts of number plates and make a total ban on tited windscreens and signwriting on windows easier to enforce. However this new legislation has not gone before the politicains for approval yet

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Posted by Graham S - 9 years ago

I agree, ajr; the Government Web Portal is no help. The only up-to-date reference I can find is a website called cyprusdriving, which purports to represent the current law and which says the tax disc must be displayed on the windscreen. Interestingly, on the Army Family Federation website, which I stumbled across when Googling for references to Cyprus road tax, you are told that the SBA police will prosecute for NOT displaying a current tax disc on your windscreen; are you supposed to stop & affix/remove it when you cross the boundaries? As you are required to have a tax disc, what use is it if it's not displayed (where ARE you supposed to stick it if not on your windscreen? Think carefully before you answer.....)? All police vehicles display their tax discs on their windscreens...........