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Selling a duty free car

Posted by Dizzy Caroline - Created: 10 years ago
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Posted by Delboy625 - 7 years ago



I found the information to be really helpful. I am looking to sell my Range Rover Sport TDV which is also a duty free vehicle but unfortunately has only been registered in Cyp for about 3yrs so much duty to pay. The car is a 2009 model from new.

Can anyone confirm that it could be sold to somebody else if they are eligible not to pay duty also? I have had conflicting answers on this. Anyone interested in buying it or swapping for a smaller 4x4 with cash for the difference?

Somebody made mention of advertising at the bases, does anyone have any details of how to go about doing this?

Any other way of selling it without first paying the duty?




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Posted by Direktor - 7 years ago

Steel available?Please contact me on. Pezo307@gmail.com

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Posted by Dizzy.Caroline - 8 years ago

Thanks Doug

Will look into it ... its all very confusing ,, as you get so many different answers to the same question, i thought it was a high amount of duty when they told me,, and it dropped 2,000 when i asked somebody else ,, lol,, so will try again ,,, cant got up,, can it? lolol


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Posted by douglas1-676196 - 8 years ago

Dizzy there is normally a reduction of duty to be paid after you have owned it since 2003,so 5000 e sounds very high and you might want to ask what the discount is from the original amount of duty that would have to been paid in 2003? Regards Doug

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Posted by Dizzy.Caroline - 8 years ago

Thank you ,,, have had the car 10 years next year ,,, so will make it easier to sell ...

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Posted by kantara - 8 years ago

We have just gone through all this. The 10 years is ownership and not age or anything else of the car. After 10 years of ownership there is still duty to be paid but it drops to 0.02cents per cc. In our case my wife was trying to get ownership of her previous husbands duty free car (he died without leaving a will). We could either get a lawyer to process it through the courts (with a lawyers fee of €2500) or get a letter from the Mukhtar to the effect that she was his heir and as he only owned the car it should come to her because he did not have any children with an entitlement. Armed with the letter, ID card, aliens yellow slip, car log book we visited the customs at limassol port. All paperwork was copied and sent to Nicosia (of course!). That was last friday, and today all was back from Nicosia and we had to go and she paid the outstanding duty and now owns the car.

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Posted by citroen-670666 - 8 years ago

Is this Discovery still for sale?

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Posted by Michael Moore - 9 years ago

Hi, Advertise it within the bases, they are entilted to duty free.

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Posted by stelios555 - 9 years ago

Hi, Can you please email me a few photos of the vehicle in and out , does it need any work done to it? i.e service ,tyres replacing ,interior or body work repair?

email: stelios555@cytanet.com.cy

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Posted by Cy35M - 9 years ago

Duty as well as registration has to be paid on any duty free car before it is sold locally, otherwise it must be exported or de-registered and dismantled for parts.
There is a formula for each of the fees, that is based on cars engine capacity, and CO2.Generally speaking, cars over 2000cc's are much more expensive than the less than 2000 ccs.