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Selling Imported Car

Posted by nic0las - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by nic0las - 8 years ago

Hi Andrew, My car has been here since 2006, registered on cy plates since 2007. It is a UK 2001 plate. It has a 2litre engine but is a small car with really low emissions. I know about them being a law unto themselves. Apparently this charge is illegal now. Amy ideas on that??

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 8 years ago

There are two main killers to bringing a car to Cyprus as far as I can recall - and I forget the Cyprus names for the various charges. One 'tax' takes into account the engine size, type of vehicle, and it's age - reduces to about 95% after 10 years - there is a spreadsheet to calculate this - so in your case this will be insignificant. The other is the registration fee - which again takes into account the engone size - but has no reduction to go with age. so - if your vehicle is not yet on cyprus plates this can be a significant cost!! You do not say what has been paid and whether or not the car is already on cyprus plates - if it is then any customs charge should be minimal - but who knows - hey this IS cyprus after all and those nice customs men have a mind that is utterly unpredictable as far as I can ever ascertaiin!!