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Transfer of ownership - mukta red tape

Posted by virtualm - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by lawrence38-682147 - 9 years ago

It's so much easier to go to a certifying officer....for 20-25 E there's no hassle..

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Posted by achilleas - 9 years ago

What is a pain in the rear is the fact that people expect things here in Cyprus to work the same as the UK - they don't.
The reason why both parties, with identification, have to go to the Muktar is so that he sees you SIGN the document so that it is legal - it has to be witnessed.
Would you take the chance of someone signing a document on your behalf or forging your signature?

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Posted by AndrewMoni - 9 years ago

I do get the feeling that Paphos area seems worse than Limassol in this respect. My local muktah in village near Limassol just required the two IDs/passports or copies of them and two signatures before he would sign the documents - meaning only one person had to be present. There's an agency in Lim who will do it also just requiring copies of ID/passport. The system is, in principle, better than UK as it should, in theory, aid towards preventing sales of stolen vehicles. I wonder if a lot of the UK stolen vehicles that found their way to Cyprus for disposal were sold in the Paphos area - resulting in Paphos district requiring the physical presence of both parties?? Just a thought ...

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Posted by virtualm - 9 years ago

Spanner - tried this first, the transfer of ownership was signed by seller & buyer (my wife), we went to the VRO but they rejected it as it wasn't stamped by the mukta, so we go back to our local Mukta, who says the seller has to have it stamped - we sent the transfer back to the seller who takes it to his local mukta, who is now saying BOTH BUYER AND SELLER MUST BE PRESENT, are they being ridiculous or what, the seller is in Paphos - I'm getting a little annoyed by this, cant you tell! Back to square 1 for me!

Pain in the rear - dont you agree though......!

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Posted by Spanner-666908 - 9 years ago

If you have the documents signed, you just need to take them to the Vehicle Registration office (same place you do your driving licence).

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Posted by shortie-665693 - 9 years ago

Hi There,

If you get the transfer documents signed and take a copy or just the number of the sellers passport/ID card to a certifying officer in any town they should be able to transfer ownership to you within about 5 working days for about €20. I used the guy opposite the delivery entrance to Papantonio in Pano Paphos and he was excellent, I took the docs in on Monday and had them back on the following Monday.

Best of Luck