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UK to Cyprus by road or Cyprus to UK

Posted by Cyp08 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by mudmonster-693396 - 8 years ago

Hi Jonny Tango

Thanks to your reply to my wifes questions on the Cyprus to England trip, sorry for taking so long to reply but I did not know what she had been up to,you know what women are like.

Back in may 2006 i decided to take my Honda Pan-European on a long ride,I left Durham in the north of England at midnight on a Saturday ,at 14.30 on the Sunday I was in a hotel in Strasbourg. On the Monday night I stopped in LJUBLJANA, which I believed to be in Sloveniya. The ride so far was amazing and I was really becoming one with the bike.

My next stop was in Split in Sarajevo, what a beautiful place now rebuilt after all the conflict is over,by the way it is now Tuesday evening.

I left early the next morning with my intended destination being SKOPJE, this turned out to be the worst part of the trip, I encountered hostile locals, corrupt police,and non existant mountain roads requiring some very dodgy manouveres on the bike, I spent the night in a pub!!!! and still to this day I do not know where I was.

I left early the next morning,after much soul searching and hard riding I arrived in Athens that afternoon.

The following morning I rode to Patra and boarded a ferry to Italy which landed at 13.30 on the Saturday, I then rode all the way to Strasbourg, unable to find ahotel room i decided to carry on riding and I ended up getting the first ferry out from Calais just after 06 00, after riding back up to Durham it was nearly a week before I recovered from the trip but O BOY what a trip, this time I want to go from here but i am going to make the trip last at least 1 month, or even longer, people do not know what they are missing until they try it.

By the way this next trip will be on my Triumph Trophy.

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Posted by JonnyTango-687826 - 8 years ago

Hi fe

Its a doddle, I did it on my bike. Depends if he wants the boring but quick way or the interesting way. Boring is five days and all motorway. kerinia to turcasu on the ferry. from turcasu to ankara, it is cold but a fanstastic ride in the summer this time of the year there will be ice and snow. From ankara to istanbul. from instanbul to greece. then bulgaria, then serbia etc all the way back bored out of your mind. The interesting way is turcasu and then round the coast of turkey to istanbul, it is warm all the way. from istanbul head staight across greece and turn up through macidonia, then bosnia and croatia. if he is really adventurous then go all across greece and up through alabania, fantasic ride but the roads are so bad you will not average more than 15mph. they were rebuilding the coastal route when I went through two years ago so it may be better. the albanians do the whole coast by ferries so he could do that if he don't want the bad roads, but what an experience. What you can't miss is the ride up from albania to slovenia, best scenery in europe especially the coast rode through croatia. when you hit slovenia head through northern italy and over the alps into france at Gap, beautiful ride one he wont ever forget. from there cut across southern france on the N roads missing the south coast and hit the atlantic coast and head on up to the north and pick up a ferry to blighty. Give me a call i can show you some photos of both ways.


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Posted by baxi-666881 - 8 years ago

the way i have gone in the past has been - trnc , fergin ferry to tasuci in turkey , up through turkey to bugaria , (need vingnette), serbia , (125 euro,s for ins ), bosnia/hercegovina, croatia , slovenia , austria (vingnette ) (graz) , germany (stuttgart - munich ), belgium , dunkurque to dover . (this way is min toll,s . )

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Posted by kazanddave - 8 years ago

Cant he buy some more maps and retrace the way he came in the first place.

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Posted by JJMally-687816 - 8 years ago

He has already done it from the UK to Cyprus and now wants to return, but has lost all his maps, etc.

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Posted by kazanddave - 8 years ago

Its a brave thing that hes doing, could have his bike stolen/mugged etc.
Is he going alone?

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Posted by JJMally-687816 - 8 years ago

Its a motorbike he will be travelling to the UK on and he would prefer to stay with the bike.

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Posted by jmwads - 8 years ago

The easiest way is put your car on a ferry to Greece (Approx €200) and fly to Greece. Occassionally the ferry will allow passengers, normally the allocated passenger space is saved for Lorry drivers.

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Posted by VinnyC-673555 - 8 years ago

Right, here we go.

The only method at the moment of driving your car back to the UK is through Turkey. If your car is registered in Cyprus and you keep up the road tax and insurance you will not have a problem returning with that vehicle.

If you try to bring a different vehicle to Cyprus through Turkey it will not be registered by the Cypriot authorities, it will be classed as "Smuggled"

If you intend driving to the UK and never returning with the vehicle you should make sure it has road tax, insurance and the logbook is in your name, on arrival in the UK they will require the logbook in your name to register with UK plates, they are not interested in a Cypriot "export" or "De registration" certificate.

I drove through Turkey with no problems, it was 12 hours from the port to the Northern boarder where you re-enter the EU. Your Cypriot insurance is excepted in all EU member states, Turkey require you to purchase insurance at the docks when you land, I think it was 25 Euro.

The trip will take about 4/5 days depending on how long and hard you drive.

Contrary to popular believe it is not illegal to exit and enter through the North, I checked with the Cypriot police prior to my last trip and they said "do as you want" but they were obviously not impressed. When I went returned through the check point at Nicosia I declared the cigarettes I purchased in Bulgaria and they waved me through.

Understandably the Cypriots do not like people using the North, (Unless its Casinos)

Hope this helps.

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Posted by hopenot - 8 years ago

the only way to get to uk from cyprus WITH YOUR CAR is through turkey leaving from north cyprus to which you will have to get insurance from the border in cyprus the turkish side then when you get to the port in TURKEY they will not let you drive out untill you buy more insurance and pay more port duties in all it cost me £1800 i was lucky in the respect i found a english speaking turk who helped me i saw adults crying there trust me its not worth it this way the only way with your car also you would be driving for a week if you go via sebia again you need more insurance as they do not except other insurance yes just one more rip off