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Wanted directions from pafos to american embassy

Posted by liam13 - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by cyprustk - 8 years ago

There is an easier road if you don't want to take a lot of turns and and get into a lot of crossroads.

1. Driving on the Limassol - Nicosia higway and approaching Nicosia you will see the GSP footballl stadium you can't miss it as it hasn't got anything in front it.
2. Take the left lane towards Nicosia and turn left downhill but keep on the left lane always as you are always supposed to be going on the left.
3. When you are ready to enter the dual carriage road take the right hand lane and enter in the road.
4. Then keep going straight on.
5. Passing the first traffic lights you will see Orphanides Supermaket on your left.
6. Keep going straight passing through the next traffic lights and the two round abouts.
7. When you pass the second round about you will see Pavilion Hall and Jumbo on your right.
8. On the next round about after those two buildings turn rights.
9. Then keep going straight passing the traffic lights until you reach a major road with Zorbas Bakery on your right and plenty of other stores.
10. As soon as you see Cyprus College - European University on your right (on your left they are due road works) it means you are close by.
11. Then after passing the traffic lights and keep going straight on you will see a lot of big houses, embasies on your left and right hand side. The American Embassy on the right side.

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Posted by achilleas - 8 years ago

There is a much easier way.

After the GSP football stadium on the highway take the slip road down and take the first exit off.

Keep going on this road. You will go through a set of lights, pass Orphanides supermarket on your left, up a hill, through more lights, down the hill to a roundabout, over this to the next roundabout and over that one too.

At the next roundabout which is at the top of a small hill, go 3/4 round it and come off (effectively turning right).

This is the bypass that will take you into Nicosia on the Agios Dhometios side of town.
Keep on this bypass and after 2 lights, some roadworks a small set of lights then a big set of lights at a crossroads that you will go straightover then at the next lights you will find the American Embassy that will be on your right.

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Posted by DavyP - 8 years ago

Take the motorway all the way to Nicosia

Come off at the junction after the GSP football stadium on your left hand side - the slip road is signed Troodos.

Take the slip road downhill to the left and join the dual carriage way

Move immediately into the right hand lane and take the slip road to turn right at the traffic lights.

Stay on this road straight on at all junctions at the 3rd set of traffic lights you will see marks & spencer store....go straight on at these lights as well

After another 2 sets of lights you will pass the Makarios Hospital (large white building) on your left and at the next lights you will see a KFC on your left....keep going straight at all these junctions

You will eventually come to an offset T-Junction where you have to turn right...stay in the left lane as you approach this junction and turn right into the left hand lane

At the next lights go straight over (you will see a Starbucks opposite left hand side of the road from the junction)

Go straight through 2 sets of lights before you come to a major cross roads in the city centre (jeans shop on your right at lights)...go straight over

Get into the centre lane (of 3) then left hand lane of 2 lanes and go through lights as road bends left

Stay in left hand lane and at next lights turn left ( as you turn you will see an Alpha bank) and turn immediately right across the road so the bank is on your left hand side

Go straight on at the next set of lights and then the road splits left and right in a V junction at the next lights. Stay in the left hand lane at this junction and go straight on.

The American Embassy is about 500m up this road on the left hand side as you approach the traffic lights.

Hope this helps....Davy