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Filmon.com prob!

Posted by cheeky73 - Created: 9 years ago
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Posted by johnners-660966 - 9 years ago

Hello Irene and Cabbagepatch,

Don't know if this will help you but worth a try.

I've been running the latest version of filmon, last night other half watched Larkrise to Candleford, without any glitches. It wasn't until after that programme finished when we opened up another site and began clicking various news pages that filmon stopped. Interestingly it stopped when we went to a page that aswell as text had a video clip of the news story. That's when filmon stopped even though we didn't run the video news clip. We closed down the news site restarted filmon and it ran perfectly for another hour or so when we decided to swich off and head for some sleep.

So try starting your computer and only opening the filmon programme, don't be tempted to trawl your email messages or visit anyother web pages at the same time. See if that solves your stopping problem. If not you may need to delete your filmon software and redownload it, again do this with no other programmes running on your computer. It seems the filmon programme doesn't like to run alongside certain other types of software.

If the problem persists it could be to do with your internet access and you being blocked from using filmon, as technically it is geolocked for UK internet users only.


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Posted by cheeky73 - 9 years ago

Oh no, you're havin probs with filmon as well.

Like I said the older version was fine, this new one just plays up constantly!

Really need my english tv! lol. Im british cypriot and understand greek tv but it bores the life out of me lol

Oh well, hopefully someone else can shed some more light on this issue.


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Posted by cabbagepatch-696070 - 9 years ago

Not much help I'm afraid....but I think Filmon are having problems...I upgraded to the latest players and had nothing but trouble. A quick call to the company and they sent me the older version...worked fine.Now it' playing up again...will not open at all ...gives message " a problem has been encountered and the player needs to close".Will call them again in the morning but rapidly getting tired of the whole system